✅ Not registered in the Samsung network: definitive SOLUTION with 5 tricks

This has been my experience of use for a week with the Samsung Galaxy A50

“Not registered in the orange network”, “Not registered in the s8 network,“ not registered in the j7 network ”,“ not registered in the samsung j3 network ”,“ not registered in the samsung j6 network ”,“ not registered in the the lycamobile network ”… In recent months, a multitude of searches related to certain Samsung mobile network problems have grown in number of visits to the main Internet search engines. The reason for this is because  several of the Samsung models have begun to report an error related to the network registry for some time now, and today we will see its possible solution through five simple methods.

Solution 1 a not registered on the network: turn Airplane Mode on and off

The first step to rule out that it is a problem related to the hardware will be to resort to the well-known airplane mode .

not registered on samsung s9 network

Since the system in question is not capable of detecting the appropriate network settings for our SIM card and telephone operator, the best way to reset the network settings is to activate and deactivate the aforementioned Airplane mode .

This can be activated from the notification bar, and once we deactivate it again, calls and mobile data should return to work as normal .

Solution 2 not registered on the network: search for networks automatically

In the event that the above has not worked for us, the next step to fix the problem not registered in the network on Samsung mobiles will be to search the networks manually.

not registered on samsung j6 network

To do this, we will go to the Settings application; specifically to the Connections section. In Mobile networks we will give Network Operators and finally Search networks .

The phone will automatically start looking for all compatible networks for our SIM card until it finds the correct one so that calls and mobile data can work again.

Solution 3 to the problem not registered in network: add the APN manually

If the automatic network search has not been able to find a compatible network configuration, we will have to add this configuration manually through what we know as APN.

not registered on samsung j3 network

Because the APN is made up of a series of values ​​that depend on each telephone operator, the best way to find the correct configuration is to carry out a search similar to “APN Orange / Vodafone / Movistar / Tuenti” in Google or other similar search engines.

Once we have found the correct configuration, the next step to install the APN on the mobile will be to go back to the Mobile Networks section, although this time the option that interests us is Access Points .

With the APN configuration in hand, we will delete the APN that is within the list of Access Points and we will add one manually through the options in the section. Now we will only have to complete the APN information with the data provided by the operator.

Solution 4 to not registered in Samsung network: clean SIM card

Has none of the above worked? The next thing we will have to do to solve Samsung's network not registered is to extract the SIM card from the dedicated tray with the mobile turned off and perform a thorough cleaning of both the tray and the SIM card.


It is also recommended to clean the interior of the tray compartment using an air compressor , as the problem may arise from poor contact with the SIM pins.

Once we reintroduce the SIM with the mobile turned off, the problem should have been completely resolved.

Solution 5 to not registered in the Samsung mobile network: unlock the mobile

The last of the causes of the problem of not registered in the network may be due to the fact that the mobile is not released, in such a way that it is not compatible with our SIM card. In this case, the best thing to do is go to a specialized store to proceed with the release of the IMEI .


It may also be the case that it has been blocked for reasons related to mobile theft, in which case it is advisable to contact the relevant authorities.