20 memes and special images to share on Women's Day


The day has come for all of us to take to the streets to claim our rights and to denounce our situation of inequality. Work, conciliation, wage gap, sexist violence, inequality between boys and girls… There are many groups of women who are in a situation of inferiority compared to other groups of men.

Without going any further, that of athletes . Did you know that the soccer player Ada Hegerberg, winner of the first female golden ball, scored one more goal than Messi last season, but had a turnover of just over 400,000 euros last season, while the Argentine footballer exceeded 90 million euros?

We are facing an inequality that is not anecdotal. And that is present in many more facets of women's lives. Pregnancy, for example, continues to be an obstacle for women who want to develop professionally, because having children represents a necessary break in their lives.

Today, on Women's Day, we have a lot to say and a lot to claim. In addition, we want to share with you a good collection of memes, infographics, images and comic strips to send or publish through WhatsApp and other social networks.

20 memes and special images to share on Women's Day 1

Perhaps at this time, there is still someone wondering why there is a need to strike or why March 8 must be marked, very large and very purple, on the calendar. If you meet someone who does not know what the thing is, it will be enough for you to send them this little infographic so that they find out everything . And if you still have doubts, don't worry: later on we will propose other interesting infographics to share information with all those who want to be informed.


March 8 is a day for vindication, no doubt, but we must also reserve a little space to pay tribute to all women in the world who work in different professions . They are, we are, the future that lies ahead of us. And with them it is worth living it!


Unfortunately, the share of women in the scientific landscape is still very low. That is why it is so important that we educate our little ones in equal conditions and opportunities . Because they can also be great scientists like Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Henrietta Swan Leavitt, Lise Meitner, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall or Emmanuelle Charpentier, among many others. You can review them in the image that we have provided above.


Our beloved Forges knew how to make comic strips on countless occasions that touched the heart and that in turn, gave us, with that scathing irony, the possibility of smiling at purely dramatic questions. Today we take the opportunity to remember the artist and, in turn, meet again with those precious strips that he gave us on every Women's Day.


It's been a looooong, loooong time that women have stopped dressing to please men. Perhaps this joke that you can see above will help you when it comes to telling others why you are the way you are and how you are capable of doing whatever you want without asking for permission or forgiveness .


A few years ago maybe this general strike was just a joke. Today is a reality. Tomorrow many of us will take to the streets to defend our rights and make ourselves heard. Will you also join this general strike? 


The great Forges speaks to us, on this occasion, about everything that the vast majority of women carry behind us. And it is that in addition to having our jobs and responsibilities in the companies in which we are employed , we carry everything that needs to be done at home. That is as long as we do not have a partner who has decided to assume - because it is the law - a fair proportion of work at home.


How have our professions evolved over the years? This graphic shows us, just as an example, some of the work we have done since the beginning of the last century. 


There are some training spaces that are doing everything possible for girls to join the scientific profession without qualms and without reservations. Because we are perfectly qualified to be women of science . It is only necessary to believe it and tear down this glass ceiling that does not let us advance.


Humor can never be absent, in this and in any protest day. Although humor must be done with good taste and for this, Forges was the best. That women now like soccer? Well, these men are going to end up with so much ball cap! 


In these times it is very important to be well informed and have resources to know how important feminism is, what are the milestones that women have reached over time and in what way nations have contributed to equality. This infographic will come in handy for you. 


Tomorrow not only women will rise up in struggle. There will be many men who, fellow travelers, will also join the movement. Because women have to lead the feminist struggle and men, alongside. day-woman-12

Heredity is very important. Our daughters must know our educational legacy, our personal struggle and, if possible, collective. Liniers tenderly portrays how a daughter empowers herself in the fight.day-woman-13

And in this special of memes, images and comic strips to share, there was also Quino and his Mafalda. If someone dares to talk to you about bosses and patriarchs, perhaps you should answer them as Mafalda did: "In our house there are no bosses, this is a cooperative."day-woman-14

The truth is that as women, we often don't just take on the physical tasks of the house and the family. Also the mental ones. Knowing what to do at all times, what is missing in the fridge and having each and every family movement written down in your head can be very tiring. 


It is possible that today you meet some smart guy who dares to judge the feminist movement as such and who even suggests that there is no need to strike. If you are one of those who want to use these arguments, it may be useful to read what you should never say to anyone. Not today, not any other day. 


Note that if you think you are a feminist and you say something similar to what Susanita says, you may be wrong. When we talk about feminism, we are not talking precisely about this, no ...


Attention, men of the world: we do not want more drama with housework. And if someone is tempted to complain about the bad drink that the washing machine has caused them, they will have to wake up. Because there is probably nothing that will bring her to the haunt more. 


And we are going to finish with this collection of beautiful and illustrative images to share with series recommendations. If you want to start watching a feminist series tomorrow, here is everything you need to know about the most successful ones right now: Las Chicas del Cable, Alias ​​Grace, Orange is The New Black, The Sinner or Orphan Black.