Here are 20 templates to make invoices in Word

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If you have a small business, are self-employed or even organize the accounts of an association or community, you will need to know how an invoice is made . You may be very clear about how it works, but if you have not touched on accounting issues in your life, chances are that at the moment of truth you have many doubts.

But don't worry, to issue invoices you won't need a sophisticated accounting program . Nothing is further from reality. You should know that with a program as basic and simple as Word you can issue invoices without problems . You just have to be clear about a couple of things: what the concepts of the invoice are, and then have an invoice template that helps you solve the issue of the figures. In fact, if you use a template, you will not go wrong with the different concepts and you will issue your first invoice as if you had been doing it all your life .

If you already know how to prepare an invoice, but until now you did it in a very rudimentary way, it would be interesting if you took a look at the 20 templates that we propose . Making invoices will be even easier for you and what is more important, you will avoid mistakes.

Doing invoices in digital format has a couple of advantages: you will stop consuming paper and accumulating mountains and mountains of folders. However, if you prefer to always have paper invoices (because the agency requests it or because you want to have all your invoicing organized in "real" folders ), you can always print them. Another interesting advantage of the templates: they include all the concepts and, in addition, they have integrated formulas that will allow you to do the calculations automatically and without having to take out another calculator. In this way, you can easily add concepts and, on the tax base, calculate all those extras you need to apply: personal income tax in whatever percentage, VAT, discounts, etc.

What are you waiting for to discover all the templates for Word that you need to make invoices?

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Download Microsoft Office templates

Lets start by the beginning. From the Microsoft Office templates section you will have the opportunity to download dozens and dozens of templates to make invoices through your header program, Microsoft Word . You must be clear, yes, that we are facing simple templates. What does this mean? Well, despite being very well made and having a clean, clear and minimalist design , they do not incorporate formulas to do the calculations automatically.

Of course, you can always add them yourself or, if you prefer (because you don't have to do so many bills or because this is your lifelong system), do the calculations by hand or with a separate calculator, of course. Microsoft itself offers us a timeless invoice , with a super sharp design, which you can modify at will. This means that in addition to including the data corresponding to the issuer and receiver of the invoice, you can personalize it with your company logo and include those concepts and information that are necessary for you.

If you are interested in another type of design, you also have this Siena model , with more pastel colors and a more marked column design, another green and white  utility bill and, using the same design, a sales invoice . You have another blue utility bill , as well as a sales bill with identical shades and architecture. You can dive between different options, depending on the design that suits you best, so we recommend you take a look at all the models. If you also invoice by the hour , you should know that Microsoft Word It also puts at our disposal an invoice of these characteristics, so that you do not have to go around modifying the other templates almost completely.

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If you prefer more modern designs, you may be interested in this template with a black and red design , which offers us a much more professional and careful touch. You can also personalize it with your data and if you consider it appropriate, add your company logo. You have at your disposal more classic designs and other options that combine the classic with the current. 

Download other templates for Word

But Microsoft is not the only one that makes templates available to Word users to make invoices in a simpler and more comfortable way. On the net you will find countless sites where you can search and locate templates that may also be useful to you. On the specific Invoice Model page you will find up to four different invoice models, which you can use according to your needs. Thus, in addition to downloading a basic invoice , you will have the option of accessing what is called a proforma invoice  (a sales document that has no legal or accounting validity, which both freelancers and entrepreneurs can use to deliver a commercial offer or a service that has not yet been performed).

Another template that you should have on hand is the corrective invoice , because it is very common to make mistakes or have to rectify invoices that have already been posted, but for whatever reason include an error. In this way, you can correct the mistakes made and do it within the legal solutions that exist within the world of billing. If you also have to issue delivery notes, you can take a look at this delivery note template , which can also be modified through Word .

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There is another online page where you can also find countless examples of all the types of invoices that exist. Thus, whether you have to make an ordinary invoice , or if you have to face a proforma , simplified or corrective invoice , here you will have the option of downloading the template in Word format and later, make all the modifications you consider appropriate to adapt them to your needs.

The best that this page offers us are invoice templates adapted to the different services that may exist. Although you will not find all of them, of course, you can locate generic simplified invoices for freelancers , hairdressers, taxi, hotel, gas station, etc. If you also have doubts about the different concepts or want to know in depth what each of them are for, on this same page (just below the templates to download) you will see specific information that will come in handy to understand this intricate world of invoices . You will see that, in reality, nothing is as complicated as it may seem at first.

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If you want, you will also have many more templates to download. You have, for example, recapitulative invoices and electronic invoices, but also delivery notes, delivery notes and receipts . When downloading these invoices, you should know that you will have the opportunity to modify the data included inside to start your own invoicing, but you can also change the template according to your needs and tastes : thus, in addition to modifying the different sections , taxes and types of services or products, you can customize the colors, add new elements and even formulas , if you use an Excel add-in.

Which of these templates did you like the most? Share your tips and templates with us in the comments below.