Cartoons, series and movies for children: on which platforms can you watch them

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Experts say that screens are not the best advisers for children. In fact, it is not recommended that they be in front of them - it does not matter if it is in tablet, mobile or television format - more than two hours a day. And it must be taken into account.

But the truth is that giving up a good movie can't be entirely healthy either. We currently have at our disposal a wide variety of content of all kinds . And also for children. The content platforms include, almost all, a specific space for the smallest of the house.

In this way, we have the opportunity to browse a selection of series and films specially designed for them . It is a good way to provide them with the content they like the most from the sofa at home. Sometimes you may even have access to premieres or special packages of short films that you could hardly enjoy in a movie theater.

Looking for content for your little ones? Next, we propose all the options that you have at your disposal. We hope you find them useful!



If you are already subscribed to Netflix, you should know that you already have access to a good selection of content for children. Once inside the platform, either on your computer or on your television, you will be able to access the KIDS section or the Movies for the whole family . Here you will find different interesting collections, such as: Dramas based on books, Animal stories, Tricky comedies, Fantastic science fiction films or Animated family films, among many others.

The interesting thing about the Netflix option is that there are recent releases and that we can find proposals adjusted to each time of the year , such as Halloween or Christmas. All children's content is integrated into the same Netflix package that you hire, so you won't have to pay any extra. You have the Basic plan (€ 7.99), the Standard (€ 11.99) and the Premium (€ 15.99).



Let's now go for one of our favorite platforms. We have told you at the beginning that experts recommend that children do not spend too much time in front of screens, but it is also important to underline the importance of choosing appropriate content for the age of our children. Some films may be considered suitable, but the truth is that their pace is frenetic and not recommended for brains that are still in development. Filmin is an ideal platform for families who have this especially in mind .

Because here we can find an infinity of independent productions, both for adults and children. In the KIDS channel there is a lot of interesting content to watch. You have from independent production films to selections of short films or even mythical series , such as Asterix, Once upon a time the human body, Maya the bee, David the Gnome, Los Diminutos or Sandokan.

There are also collections of short stories , short stories and countless independent animation titles. In this case, you can opt for the Basic monthly subscription (€ 7.99) or the Plus (€ 14.99). This last option includes vouchers to watch special movies. If your boys and girls like quality cinema, Filmin is just what you were looking for.

Cartoons, series and movies for children: on which platforms can you watch them 1

Amazon Prime Video

If you're subscribed to Amazon Prime for purchases (they offer shipping costs and one-day deliveries on a good selection of products), you should know that you also have access to a lot of series and movies on Amazon Prime Video. This means that you can also enjoy an interesting selection of content for the little ones in the house. To start enjoying them, you just have to access Amazon and enter the Children section .

What type of content can we find here? Well, for starters, classic children's and family series, such as Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, La Patrulla Canina or Caillou , among many others. But also Amazon original series, Animated Movies and Children's and Family Movies. We like to see that in addition to great commercial successes such as Despicable Me, The Flintstones or Shrek, we find independent content as delicate as Ernest & Celestine or super classics such as Gulliver's Travels, the production of the 70s.

The price may no longer be so attractive , especially if you already have other platforms contracted. In this case, yes, you can benefit (among other things) from free shipping for your purchases on Amazon. The subscription costs 36 euros, but beware, they are paid per year. It is, in this sense, the cheapest option you have at your fingertips.



If you are more of HBO, you may be interested to know that the Game of Thrones and The Handmaid's Tale platform also includes a section with drawings and movies for the whole family. Of course, if you are looking to find something different, go looking for something else. Because the truth is that you will find more of the same as on other platforms, such as Netflix. Here you have countless movies and cartoons, especially the most commercial ones, such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Tom & Jerry or Doraemon. Also Harry Potter, Lego Friends, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, etc.

We especially like the selection of content that they do from HBO , since this way you will have the opportunity to discover things that your children may like and find them more easily. We refer, for example, to the following: Mysteries, Super Powers, Families that we love !, Animated Animals, Adventures under water !, Great stories or Sing with me.

Regarding the price, we can tell you that it is a more advantageous option than Netflix. It costs 7.99 euros per month and you have a free two-week trial period.


YouTube Kids

There is another interesting and cheaper option. So much so that it is free. This is the children's version of YouTube. You have it available in application format, both for iOS and Android. And why install it if we already have YouTube? Well, because it is a version only designed for children, in which to find videos suitable for the little ones in the house.

You have countless videos related to Arts and Crafts, Toys and Activities, Learning and Hobbies and, finally, Programs and Cartoons. The most interesting thing about all this, in addition to being a free tool, is that YouTube Kids is fully customizable . Different tools are included to choose what content children can watch, limit screen time or block certain videos.



If you have contracted a Fusion package with Movistar, you will surely know that you have access to a lot of content. Among these, the children. You have at your disposal a wide selection of channels for children, but if you really want to have access to everything they may like, you may want to make sure you buy the Children's package, available for 10 euros a month. There are a good number of premieres and exclusive access to the Movistar Disney channel. 

Keep in mind that Disney has signed an agreement with Movistar that will be in force until 2020 and for which Disney films are offered, including the great classics of all time. Thus, in addition to seeing the most current movies, you can also access great titles such as The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Lady and the Tramp or the legendary Snow White . This will be the case until Disney + is released as a platform in Spain, which will be as soon as the agreement with Movistar is expired.

As for prices, you should know that Movistar is the most expensive mode , because it includes a whole package of services, such as fiber, landlines and mobiles. Thus, to your minimum offer of 65 or 85 euros you will have to add the cinema, with which the price will easily rise to 100 euros.


Disney Plus Spain

It is likely that, if you are involved in children's things, you know that the Disney factory itself is preparing its landing in Spain, as it has also done in many places around the world. In our country, the company has an agreement with Movistar that expires next year, at which time it will be able to deploy its platform. It will be on March 31, 2020, coinciding with the premiere in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

The service will be released in our country at a price of € 6.99 per month or € 69.99 per year , which will give users access to a lot of interesting content. We speak, for example, of all Marvel movies (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Avengers, etc.); from Fox movies (Avatar, X-Men, etc.); of all Pixar movies (Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles, Wall-E, etc.); the Star Wars saga, all the Disney and Marvel series, The Simpsons in full, more than 350 hours of National Geographic content and, of course, the great Disney classics (Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.) .

Those who subscribe to Disney + will have the opportunity to enjoy this content on smart televisions (Smart TV), mobiles, computers, tablets, consoles (PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) and streaming devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV). We can also download the contents to view them without having to be connected to the internet.