5 pages to listen to music online for free without downloading

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Spotify and Apple Music share the big piece of cake that online music players represent. This does not mean that they are the only pages to listen to music online without downloading. Currently there is a wide range of players to listen to music without downloading YouTube or similar applications. Months ago we looked at some of the best alternatives to Spotify. Today we have made a compilation of five pages to listen to music online .



Formerly a website and today an Android application. Datmusic is a whole streaming music platform that not only allows us to download music of any kind (Christian, romantic, rock, pop, singer-songwriter ...) , but also to play it online.

The application in question consists of a very simple interface based on a search engine with which to find the songs and albums of our favorite artists.

In addition to having an integrated player, it allows us to choose the download quality of the song in question , so that we can download a track in 64, 128, 192 or 312 Kbps.



Unlike Datmusic, Setbeats has an online player very similar to Spotify that allows us to play songs from the browser without having to install third-party applications, although it also has an Android app.

The web also has options that allow us to upload our own songs to keep all devices synchronized through our user account.

As for the Setbeat catalog, its variety is comparable even to that of Spotify , although the best way to navigate from it will be to resort to an ad blocker due to the high number of inserted ads.



Page that, like Datmusic, bases its format on an application for Android. MusicAll allows us, among other things, to play any song found on YouTube , the main reason for the variety of its catalog.

As an additional function, MusicAll integrates the automatic download of songs to play the tracks offline , in addition to the possibility of creating playlists with songs that we have previously saved.

Unfortunately, the application is not available in the Play Store , so we will have to go to the developer's website.

Radio Spain

radio spain

As the name itself indicates, it is a page that allows us to listen to all the radio stations in Spain through its embedded player. Radio Maria, Rock FM, Máxima FM, Los 40 Principales, RNE, Cadena Dial, COPE, Kiss FM.

It is for this reason precisely that we will not need to have an FM radio module to listen to the radio through our phone, tablet or computer.

The web also has a menu that allows us to classify the stations by genres of music , in such a way that we can divide all frequencies based on the type of music we want to listen to.


radio is

Together with Radio España, one of the best pages to listen to music through the radio . The difference with respect to this last part precisely in the variety and quantity of radios available.

And is that the page in question has stations from practically all parts of the world . Like Radio España, it has several options with which to classify the stations based on the style of music we want to listen to.

Christian music, romantic, rock, pop, disco, reggaeton and a long etcetera.