10 typical Spanish objects that are sold online

10 typical Spanish objects that are sold online

Spanish culture is rich and varied, with many differences from the area. Language, music, weather, everything affects. However, when it comes to building a stereotype, things are simplified, and the ideal of the paella eater, wine drinker and flamenco dancer prevails .

In the past you had to go to a souvenir shop to buy objects and typical products of our land. Now, with platforms like Amazon or Ebay, everything is available from our home . We are going to give you 10 examples of classic Spanish products that you can get online:

Spanish guitar

Spanish guitar

A classic. If someone wants to get an instrument  to decorate or to make their first steps in flamenco , this is their chance. This typically Spanish guitar can be found on Amazon for 56 euros.

osborne bull

Osborne Bull

An icon of Spanish roads, the fence with the Osborne bull went from being an advertisement to a national heritage . And if what we want is to get a miniature reproduction to decorate, we can do it. In Amazon you can get one made of metal for 38 euros.

costume of lights online

Costume of lights

We continue with the bullfighting theme. In this case, an authentic suit of lights like those worn by bullfighters in the ring. The one we offer you is cane and jet black, and includes a jacket, satchel and vest . Although it is used, it costs 850 euros. And it is that these costumes of lights are works of art in themselves.

lladro figure

Lladró figurine

Lladró porcelains have also become another differentiating element of our culture, although it is not very clear why. Either way, you no longer have to go to a physical store to get their figures . Through the website you can access an extensive catalog. We give you as an example this figure, called High Society, which costs 315 euros.

ham leg

Serrano ham

What is more Spanish than the ham leg? Little bit. And you can also buy that today on sites like Amazon. For this case we have selected a pallet for you (it is always cheaper than a whole leg). And of Serrano ham, that if we go to the Iberian the price shoots up. This is 4.5 kg, cured for 16 months in La Rioja . It costs 70 euros, and includes the support and the ham knife.

flamenco dress

Flamenco dress

If before we had the bullfighter costume, we need another to complete the couple. This is the flamenco dress. We have chosen one with red dots on white, very traditional , that you can get for 155 euros in the El Rocío specialized store.

persistence of Memory

Dalí painting

Obviously we do not mean buying an original painting, but a print that reproduces one of his paintings. Salvador Dalí is one of the great representatives of Spanish art, and an indisputable reference in our country. We recommend this reproduction of "The persistence of memory" in 80 x 60 cm , with frame included, for 130 euros.

wine boot

The wine boot

The wine cask could not be missing. An essential accessory for the classic Spanish day laborer , it is a perfect decorative element, and also acts as a canteen. Normally made in leather and with a capacity for one or two liters, here we recommend several wine casks with prices from less than 10 euros.

hand fan

Hand fan

Fans are another traditional element of Spanish history, with a centuries-old artisan industry behind it.  Elegant, beautiful, and symbols of a bygone era , we can get very cheap fans on the Internet. This one that we offer you, with all the typical details, only costs two euros.

real madrid shirt

Real Madrid shirt

If there is something that we are known for outside of flamenco and bullfighting, it is for soccer . For this reason, a Real Madrid shirt could not be missing as the last item on this list. We propose the official one, white, which costs 90 euros.

As you can see, in this selection you can get used or decorative products in all price ranges . In any case, they are all a memory of Spanish culture and art. Olé!