Here's what YouTube pays for a million views in 2019

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Surely one of the most repeated questions by those who want to start in the world of YouTube. Although your answer is more complex than it might seem at first, it is possible to make an estimate depending on the time of year, the type of content that we upload and the number of ads that we include in the video in question. . Aspects such as the type of ad or the impressions of the same also include when monetizing a video. That is why this time we will try to make a prediction of how much money is made on YouTube with a million visits in 2019 .

First of all, how much do you pay on YouTube for 1000 visits?

Estimating how much you earn on YouTube for each visit is practically impossible. In fact, YouTube always handles data from a thousand visits with terms such as CPC, CPM, CTR and RPM , which can be obtained in the YouTube Analitycs section. The one that interests us to estimate the value of a video is precisely the last one: the RPM.

Before explaining these concepts, we must bear in mind that what really gives economic value to a video is the access (or rather, click) to the ads that are shown in the video . This is called an impression or impressions, and it is extremely important. The number of displayed ads also influences, although the economic impact is much less.

What are RPM, CPM, CPC, and CRT?

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Once this is clarified, the first term that must be assessed when determining how much money is made on YouTube is the RPM. The RPM (revenue per thousand views) is calculated based on the estimated revenue and the number of views of a video multiplied by a thousand . That is, if we have a video with 900,000 visits and an estimated income of 400 euros, the calculation would be obtained as follows:

  • 400 euros of estimated income (for example) / 900,000 x 1,000 = 0.44 euros

The result, as we can see, is 0.44 euros for every 1,000 visits . To calculate the performance of the ads, the most indicated value is the CPM, which indicates the cost generated per thousand impressions, which you do not visit. The higher the CPM, the higher the RPM we will get. In the previous video with impressions of 45,000 we would obtain the following figure:

  • 400 euros of estimated income / 45,000 x 1,000 = 8.88 euros

But what does this figure depend on and how can I increase the estimated revenue with the same impressions? The CPC (cost per click) is what establishes the money that the advertiser pays to Google when clicking on a certain ad , and it depends entirely on the type of content we publish.

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Generally, a specific theme (for example, "How to set up servers in Linux" or "How to create WordPress plugins) has a higher CPC than a general theme (" I eat 10 hamburgers and see what happens "or" Cinnamon challenge " ).

To see the CPC of the topics, we can use tools like Mangools , which are usually paid. In the image below we can see how the amount varies from one topic to another by keyword.

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By way of conclusion, and as we have hinted in the previous paragraph, the higher the CPC, the more income we will have for each click clicked . But how can we get users to click on a certain ad? This term is measured through CTR , and indicates the click rate of a certain ad for total visits. In this last aspect, the only thing we can do to increase the CTR is to make content according to the advertising that is shown in our videos to make users have more interest in the ads.

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Another aspect that should be taken into account is the number of ads included in a video. Videos longer than 10 minutes allow manual placement of advertising stripes to improve CTR. We have not taken into account aspects such as the number of followers, the retention of the audience (how long a person watches our video), the time of year (at Christmas the number of advertisers increases, as well as the CPC), the language of the video or the region of the main followers (in the United States the CPC can be double compared to Spain), but these three terms are valid to explain, to a greater or lesser extent, the origin of YouTube's income.

So how much money do you make from 1000 views on YouTube?

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Returning to the question at the beginning, how much do you earn on YouTube for every thousand visits? Balancing the aforementioned aspects and advertising that receives no impressions (it is highly unlikely to have 1,000 impressions in a 1,000-view video), current values ​​are estimated around the euro . In other words, for every 1,000 visits we will get around one euro of profit.

This is what YouTube pays for a million views

Based on the previous estimates, we could say that for every million visits, YouTube pays the chilling figure of 1,000 euros . This is so? Today's YouTubers say no. An example of this is Wismichu, who a little more than a year ago published a Google Analytics capture with a video of almost three million visits and only $ 104 in profit .

In a few days I'm going to Madrid, if shit appears on the doors of the offices that you know that it was me, @YouTubeEspanol.

- Isma (@Wismichu) May 27, 2017

On the other side of the coin we have Romuald Fons, a well-known SEO manager and recently YouTuber who a few months ago boasted of getting more than 1,000 euros per month with a channel with just over 100,000 subscribers and videos that in none of the cases reach to the Wismichu figures.

How is this possible? Thanks to the specialization of the content. The content of the former focuses exclusively on videos of a general nature and with a very low interest on the part of advertisers. This causes the RPM and CPM to be very low compared to the videos on the Romuald Fons channel.

So how much do you earn on youtube for a million views? The current estimate is between 400 and 800 euros and even up to 1,000 in the best of cases , although it is difficult to establish a figure for the reasons that we have just explained.