Hotmail customer service: phone, contact and support email

Hotmail customer service: phone, contact and support email

For some time now, Hotmail has become Outlook. So, whether you started with Hotmail or now you manage your communications with Outlook, this information will help you. When there is a setback, you need assistance or the solution to a problem related to your email, you will surely be interested in knowing how you can contact those responsible for Hotmail or Outlook.

In this article we tell you how you can solve your incidents, either by phone, via form or by the same email. All contact options available below.

Hotmail Customer Service Phones

If you have a problem with your email and need to contact Hotmail customer service, you can do so over the phone. The contact numbers are as follows:

  • Free phone:  902 197 198  
  • If you call from abroad to the offices in Spain, you can call  91 754 70 10  
  • Madrid central office:  91 391 90 00  

If you call from any other country in Latin America, you can contact the following numbers:

  • Argentina : 0 800 222 9467
  • Bolivia : 800 100 714
  • Brazil : 11 4706 0900
  • Chile : 56 2 25994914
  • Colombia : 1 587 0300
  • Ecuador : 1800 010 288
  • Falkland Islands : 305 418 9137
  • French Guiana : 0 805 51 0101
  • Paraguay : 009 800 542 0049
  • Peru : 51 1 7097831
  • Suriname : 305 418 9140
  • Uruguay : 000 4054 083
  • Venezuela : 0 800 100 4610

hotmail support

Contact by email with Hotmail or

If you want help, both for Hotmail or, as for the rest of Microsoft products and Windows 10 in general, you will have to access the support center. From here you can contact technical support through the same browser. Click on the button Open the application to get help .

In the window that has opened you will have to indicate - via text - what your problem is. You can write it directly, trying to be as concise as possible. If this way you solve the problem , perfect. But if you can't find the solution to your problem, you will have to tell the system that its automatic responses are of no use to you.

Then a very practical option will appear before you, which is: Talk to a person .


The next thing you will have to do is indicate for which product you want support, because, remember, this service provides help to users of all Microsoft services. You have to select, because you won't find Hotmail in the list. Then click the Next button .

Then you will also have to choose between three more options: Technical Support , Download and Install or Accounts and Billing. Select Technical Support and click Next.

Then you will be surprised that you cannot start a live chat, but instead have to write an email message. Click on Send us an email. A blank message will open directly to your mailbox (you must have logged in with your data before) and you can write your question about Hotmail directly to those responsible for the service.


Contact Hotmail through social media

Another way to contact Hotmail for technical support is through social media. Microsoft's email service is also present, both on Twitter and Facebook . You can send them a private message through their Outlook account on Facebook and they will reply to you within one day at most.

You can also get support from your Outlook account on Twitter. We do recommend that you use private messages in order to protect your privacy. 

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