The 5 best free text editors for PC


One of the biggest uses that we give to our computer is that of office automation. And within this, the processing and editing of texts for papers, reports, dossiers ... And since it is what we use the most, we need simple tools that do not give us headaches and that, preferably, are free. Not all of us need tools as complete (and paid) as Microsoft Word and we are content with a text editor that is simple, lightweight and free to download.

In your expert we have done the dirty work and we are going to show you 5 free text processors and editors for your PC. The requirements that we have imposed are that they be easy to use and that they be totally free. We started!

Apache OpenOffice

One of the most popular text editors that you can download to your laptop. It is a free open source processor that includes text editing, spreadsheets, the possibility of making presentations, tools for vector drawing and also databases that will help you both in domestic and professional economics. It is available on various platforms such as Windows, GNU / LINUX and Mac OS X and the complete suite contains these applications:

apache open office

  • Writer, similar to Microsoft Word with which you can edit text and export to PDF and HTML
  • Calc, similar to Microsoft Excel
  • Impress, a presentation tool similar to PowerPoint that can export presentations to SWF format
  • Base, similar to Microsoft Access, creation of databases, preparation of forms and reports ...
  • Draw, vector drawing and diagramming tool
  • Math, creation and edition of mathematical formulas, especially suitable for the teaching professional

The full installation of the Apache OpenOffice suite has a size of 124 MB .

Google drive

The best thing about using Google Drive as a text editor is its integration on different platforms. Because we can not only have Google Drive on the computer, as you all know, but on any Android mobile or tablet. That is, when we have to edit a text we can use our mobile, especially if they are minimal tweaks or a quick edit to get out of trouble. And also one of the advantages of creating and editing a text in Google Drive (and not directly in the Google Documents PC applications, for example) is that we will always have it saved and synchronized in the cloud, keeping a backup copy vital especially if it is important documents of work or teaching.

google drive

When we have Google Drive installed on our computer we will only have to create a new Google document and start writing and editing our new text. It is a very practical and simple tool and, as we mentioned, you will always have your document safely in any Google Drive application that you enter with your Google account.

WPS Writer

This free text editor is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. You don't have to pay for the text editor and you do have to pay for some other tools available, so you can download the WPS Writer without problems. It is a tool very similar to Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, having everything available to edit a text and import it into different formats in a very simple and practical way. In addition, its interface is clear and highly recognizable, being able to open new documents and organize them through tabs like in an Internet browser.

wps writer

If you want to have an experience very similar to Word on your computer but with the advantage of being a free tool, be sure to try WPS Writer. Its installation file weighs almost 80 MB and you can download it at this link. It is compatible with the vast majority of existing text editing formats. And you can even insert graphs like Excel without downloading more separate applications.


Let's now go for extreme minimalism. With Zenpen we are not even going to have to download any program to our computer but we are going to do the text editions all online. As soon as we enter the Zenpen page we will see a written text that we will have to delete in order to start working. We have a screen expander, so that nothing distracts us from the text, a dark mode to be able to write at night without your partner being disturbed by the light of the laptop (or mobile).


As for the edition, then something very basic. With Zenpen you can only put bold, italics, change of paragraph and external links. To do this, you will have to select the desired text. At the moment a pop-up button will appear with each of the tools. We press and ready. We also have, in this practical text editing website, a character counter. An accountant that will be very useful for those who are professionally dedicated to text editing. Of course, we can save our text once we have finished editing. Don't stop trying it, it's completely free!


And we finished the tour of the 5 best free text editors for PC with another tool very similar to Zenpen that, in addition, will come in handy for all of us who are dedicated to writing. This website will notify you when you are making 'mistakes' in your text. Errors that are not such but will tell you when the sentences are very convoluted or difficult to read. On one side you can see the keys to understand what the page is telling you and, at the moment, you can edit it to remove the color keys and thus leave the perfect text.


Hemingway can also serve as a complement to other text editors that we have indicated in this article. You will only have to copy and paste the text to correct the longest sentences , eliminate adverbs or passive voices, etc. It will be like having a teacher on your PC to help you write more clearly. We will also have bold, italics, different headings, the possibility of embedding links, etc.

Which of these five text editors for PC do you prefer? Try them all!