The history of the logos behind companies like Samsung, Amazon or LG

The history of the logos behind companies like Samsung, Amazon or LG 1

We take logos for granted. They are there, they are part of our life, we know that this logo belongs to this or that brand but we don't stop to think why that brand wanted to represent itself in that way. Some are very simple: they just 'draw' their name, with a certain font, and they don't hide anything. What you see is what is available. However, others are much more elaborate, and hide surprising stories, such as the case of Bluetooth connectivity.

We are going to delve into the sometimes fascinating world of brand logos , scrutinizing their meaning so that we will never see them with the same eyes again. Logos as seen as those of Amazon, LG, Samsung, Beats, BMW ... hide meanings and stories that we would never suspect. We begin our journey through the history of the logos behind companies like Samsung or LG.


amazon logo

One of the most powerful stores to shop online is, of course, Amazon. Its immense catalog, in which we can find everything from abacuses to shoes, is one of its strongest weapons, as well as integrating different services that enrich the shopping experience, such as a 24-hour delivery service with no shipping costs. Its logo, precisely, refers to the variety of its offer: we can see how an arrow goes from 'A' to 'Z'. In addition, that arrow turns into a smile when we perceive how the two aes of Amazon are, in fact, two little eyes. Curious, right?


samsung logo

No, the current Samsung logo has nothing hidden or special, but there was a time when it did. From 1938 to 1992, when the logo we all know appeared, Samsung had always integrated the drawing of three stars into its logo. This is not whim: in Korean, Samsung means 'Three stars' . What do you think? Is this logo better or do you prefer the current one?


beats logo

A headphones designed by Dr. Dre could not be like any other headset. They had to pay close attention to the design section and so we can see it in its logo, functional, minimalist and that contains the odd surprise, which will be very evident once you know what it is about. As we can see, it looks like a conventional logo: a sphere that encloses the letter with which the brand name begins. But what if we told you that it is a human head wearing headphones ? Now everything has another reading, right?

Game Cube

gamecube logo

A console that stopped being manufactured in 2007 but that, 11 years later, continues to be a benchmark in terms of the design of its logo, because it is simple, effective, functional and because it works on several levels. As we can see, it is simply two cubes, one inside the other, whose edges form two letters depending on whether we read the empty or full space: G and C.



The logo of this car manufacturer was created in 1917 when they were still dedicated to the world of aircraft engines. His image symbolizes the flag of the Free State of Bavaria (blue and white), one of the sixteen that make up the Federal Republic of Germany. If you look closely, the logo is nothing more than a moving propeller in the colors of the Bavarian flag. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, 'Bavarian Engine Factories'.


lg logo

The LG logo makes a very peculiar use of the letters that make up the brand's name. The L stands for the nose and the G for the face. All this adorned with a point as an eye: we have a face that looks us straight ahead , winks at us as if inviting us to buy some of its products. Ingenious and that, at first glance, we can escape.


google logo

The Google logo is unremarkable, except for the use of color. The design of the Google logo colors are inspired by the LEGO pieces whose pieces are red, yellow, green and blue. And all this because the first computer used by the creators of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page was built with Lego pieces . This computer is housed in the Google Museum located in Mountain View, California.


cisco logo

Cisco is a global company based in San Jose, California, primarily engaged in the manufacture, maintenance, sale and consulting of telecommunications equipment. The word that gives its name to the company comes from the state of San Francisco, where the company was originally created. And their logo also has a lot to do with this hippie and bohemian state. As we can see, the digital signal that represents the Cisco logo is nothing other than the Golden Gate , the mythical bridge that we have seen millions of times in Hollywood movies. A very successful use although too hidden: you have to be a lynx to realize it.


ubuntu logo

Ubuntu is a distribution of the Linux operating system, distributed as free software, oriented to the average user, who requires a free system, easy to use and without complications. That is why the Ubuntu logo is what it is. At a glance, we can intuit that it is some strange mechanism but nothing is further from reality: Ubuntu is a South African philosophy focused on people's loyalty and the relationships between them. And then the logo? You can nothing more and nothing less than a group of three people looking up and holding hands. Can't you see it?

Sun Microsystems

sun microsystems

Many of you, on your computer, will use word processors that are free of rights. One of the most famous is OpenOffice, created by Sun Microsystems, whose logo is most peculiar is formed by the letters U and N which, in turn, form the letter S . A very effective way of having your company name in simple strokes and also forming what looks like a computer.