Goolzoom, a tool to know the cadastral information of a flat

Consult cadastre of a flat with Goolzoom

The Goolzoom tool is a utility that over the years has become more popular, since it allows consulting cadastral information, as well as many other relevant data in the public domain. Many professionals need this information on a daily basis, and even if you are not a professional you may need this type of information at some point . Next, we will show you how you can find the cadastral information of a flat through this tool.

What is Goolzoom?

It is still a tool that is not known to most of the people, even though it was developed in 2006. It is a viewer that offers geographic information through Google maps . Like most Internet tools, it is designed to make life easier. In it, there are up to 150,000 maps from around the world and 13,000 are from Spain, where you can see the evolution of each geographical area. Something also exciting for lovers of history and geography.

The main objective of this tool is to offer cadastre data from Google Maps in any area and home. What is the use of knowing the cadastre? Each property has a specific cadastral reference, knowing it accurately allows within any legal business, such as a purchase-sale, donation or inheritance, not to be confused with any other property or property. It is especially useful for real estate companies and banks to combat fraud. This in turn allows for greater agility and security in any real estate transaction.

It has the information of more than 11 million properties, in which you can find out information such as who the owner is , and even obtain a simple note from the Property Registry without having to provide any information. Although requesting this type of document always has some cost. You can make use of the different tools by hiring them, and depending on the ones you need and the time you want to use them, the price is different.

Know the cadastral information of a flat

If you need to know the cadastral information of a flat, be it your own, or the one you want to buy or rent, we are going to show you how to do it easily and for free in Goolzoom. To do this, you must enter the official page and register, validating your email. Once validated, you have immediate access to the maps for free. In the side area you have all the options that the tool allows you to access. Among them is the cadastre, which is the one that interests us at this time. In the area above is the search option, this is the best way to find the exact location. In the blank, you have to put exactly the address and the floor number, and immediately the map will be established there.

Goolzoom map

With the satellite view it will be easier for you to take a look at your flat or house to see what it is. Next, it is necessary to select the tab on the left side where it says Color so that the plots appear and you can select the one that interests you.

Cadastre map

Click on the plot that interests you and you will get its cadastral information. On your right a window opens with the number and when you click on it, all the descriptive data of the property will appear : the cadastral reference number, location, year of construction, built area, etc.

Cadastre consultation

In the cartography section you will see a sketch and a photo of the facade. In the descriptive and graphic query, it provides you with a PDF with all the detailed information , and if you want to print this information, you just have to select the print data tab. This is how through Goolzoom you can know for free all the cadastral information of an apartment, a house or a plot.