La Caixa customer service: telephone, contact and support email

La Caixa customer service: telephone, contact and support email 1

Do you need to contact La Caixa customer service ? This bank, founded in 2011, has different forms of contact. Among them, a customer service number, a contact form or even different accounts on social networks for faster inquiries and about their services. You can contact them whether you are a customer or not, and through the different methods. Below you will find all the contact forms so that you can choose the most comfortable.

La Caixa customer service, phone number

Possibly the fastest and easiest way to contact La Caixa customer service, is by phone. The bank has a free general service number. It is as follows: 900 40 40 90 . Otherwise, you can also contact us through the phone number: +34 938 87 25 25. Customer service hours by phone are available 24 hours a day, as confirmed by the CaixaBank operators. Therefore, we can use it in case of card loss or if we detect some kind of strange movement in our account.

If your question is related to a specific service, you can also call the different phone numbers. These are the different numbers for La Caixa insurance.

  • Health insurance: 935 181 080
  • Car claims : 932 753 237
  • Home claims : 914 894 317
  • Other insurance: 902 242 242

Notice: the cost of the call depends on your rate or operator. For example, numbers beginning with the prefix 900 are free. However, those that start at 902 have a cost, regardless of what rate you have. 

Finally, if you are a business and want to contact La Caixa with questions or problems with some other service and device offered by this bank, you can call these numbers: 914 353 028 or 902 157 235.

Contact La Caixa through the internet


If you prefer, you can also contact La Caixa through the internet. It is a much more feasible method if you cannot use the phone, but somewhat slower, since the answer is not immediate (although they usually do not take long to answer). In this case, the easiest way to contact from the internet is through the form that the company has. You can access from here. Inside you will find different sections, and you must select the reason, theme, product or services and the detail of the message. As you select, the page will show you different related reasons. Then, it will show you related articles that could solve your question, although if you prefer to send a personalized message, click on 'Continue' and it will take you to the page. Fill in your details and write your message. A notice will come to your inbox, and there you can read the responses.

Caixabank: support email

Another faster method to send your query or claim is through the La Caixa email address. Of course, the response time may be somewhat longer compared to the previous methods mentioned. The email address is: [email protected]. Or, [email protected]

La Caixa customer service through social networks

A quick and easy way to answer small questions or problems. La Caixa has different profiles on social networks where we can send our messages, and they will respond to us in a short period of time (normally the same day, a few hours after sending our doubts via message). This method is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year , taking into account that on certain dates and times the response time is longer. In this case, La Caixa has a Twitter profile and a WhatsApp profile.

Twitter CaixaBank customer service.

WhatsApp CaixaBank customer service: 626 789 079

To contact through WhatsApp, add the contact to your agenda. Then go to the messaging app, click the start chat icon and search for the contact. 

Find the nearest bank

La Caixa office search engine

If you want to find out about the services offered by this bank. Or, if you have any incident with your La Caixa accounts, you can visit one of the different offices they have throughout Spain. To find the closest one, access the Office Finder from here. Then enter your address, city or postal code. Check the boxes if you want to filter offices that have a specific service. For example, those that have business centers. Afterwards, a list with the closest ones will appear. In most cases, you can find the phone number of that branch to make an appointment or ask anything else.

General office hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

La Caixa technical support postal address

Without any doubt, the slowest way to contact La Caixa is by postal address. This method can be useful if you want to request the withdrawal of your personal data or file a formal complaint. You can write to the following address.

CaixaBank, SA

Calle Pintor Sorolla, 2-4, 46002, Valencia

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