ING joins Google Pay, how to make payments with this tool

ING joins Google Pay, how to make payments with this tool

More and more people use their own phone to pay in stores. It is very comfortable and simple. In the queues, so as not to get bored, we always pay attention to our mobile screen and, when it is our turn, we must put it away, take out the wallet and card, and pay. Isn't it great that we simply place our phone on top of the POS, taking advantage of the fact that we already have it in hand, and that the payment is made instantly ? We save a lot of time and it is more comfortable for us.

How can we pay with the mobile?

To pay with the mobile we must make sure that our phone has the necessary technology. To pay with your mobile we need a wireless NFC connection. You just have to look for the brand of your phone on the Internet and, in the specifications, make sure you have it. Is this so? Now what you have to check is whether your bank is compatible with Google Pay, which is the application we use to make payments with mobile phones, and, if it is not, check if your payment offers the service.

What banks are compatible with Google Pay?


It was in the middle of last month, when we were still in 2019, that ING finally became compatible with Google Pay. Although the bank offered its customers its own way to pay through its application, Google Pay offers you more options in this field. We are referring, for example, to a clearer interface when it comes to seeing all the purchases that we have made, in addition to that we can have, in this same space, the expenses that we have made in the Play Store.

These are the banks compatible with the Google Pay service:

  • Abanca
  • American Express Spain
  • March bench
  • Banco Mediolanum
  • Pichincha Bank
  • Bankia
  • Boon
  • Bunq
  • BBVA
  • Rural Box
  • Cajasur
  • Cecabank
  • Post
  • Edenred
  • Evo Bank
  • Ibercaja
  • ING Direct
  • Kutxabank
  • Liberbank
  • Monese
  • N26
  • Ontinyent
  • Openbank
  • Rebellion
  • Revoult
  • Sodexo
  • TransferWise
  • Unicaja

I have already verified that my bank is compatible, how do I make payments?

mobile payments

The first thing you have to do is download and install the Google Pay application on your mobile phone. This application is free, does not contain ads and the weight of the file may vary depending on the device you install it on.

Once the application is open, we must go to the 'Payment' tab that we will find located at the bottom of it. On this screen we are going to place all the payment methods we want, from cards to our PayPal account and our Google Play balance, obtained by conducting surveys through the Google Rewards application or because they have given you a voucher with money. The other tabs that we have in the application correspond to the passes that we can add, such as the El Corte Inglés card and other various loyalty cards.

On the home screen we will have, in order from most recent to least, all the payments that we have made with the mobile : the date and time at which we have made the purchase, the establishment, the amount we have paid and the map where the establishment is located. The activity can be ordered according to purchases in stores or in Google, since applications purchases also appear in the Google Play Store.

When making the purchase, all you have to do is bring your mobile closer to the establishment's point of sale terminal. If the amount is greater than 20 euros, you must place the pin of your card even if you have paid with the phone. Once you see the payment verification on the screen, you can remove the phone. Do not forget, in the settings of your phone, correctly configure the NFC so that the payment is made correctly.