Opening hours, address and telephone number of the first AliExpress store in Spain

Opening hours, address and telephone number of the first AliExpress store in Spain

AliExpress has opened its first physical store in Spain . A space where you can visit, touch and buy products seen on the Alibaba group's shopping website. And it is a store that will remain open and available to all those users who come to the Intu Madrid Xanadú shopping center, in the Madrid town of Arroyomolinos. It is not a pop up or temporary point of sale.

It is a large store to use, which opened its doors on August 25 . An opening of the most popular, managing to crowd the corridors of the shopping center where it is located by thousands of interested parties. Something that also had a lot to do with their discounts and gifts for the first visitors of that day.

In this space we find 740 square meters open to the public within the Intu Madrid Xanadú shopping center. It thus joins the rest of the shopping and leisure offers that we can find in this center. Of course, the difference that AliExpress makes is that it has a wide variety of products, from skateboards to household products, beauty products, decoration and a long etcetera. Although its strong point is technology, with the most popular and popular products on its website.

Of course, at the moment this space does not offer a click and collect or purchase service through its website to collect in store. Although it is expected that online orders can be made soon to collect in this physical space. But, for now, they only take care of the purchases made in it, with the products available in the store , and not on the website.

How to contact the AliExpress store in Spain

Address of the AliExpress store in Madrid

To get to the AliExpress store in Madrid, you just have to go to the address Calle Puerto de Navacerrada, km 23, 5, in the postal code 28939 of Arroyomolinos, Madrid. Here is the intu Madrid Xanadú shopping center, which houses the new physical space of the giant Alibaba. If you don't want to go around looking for it, we already tell you that it is local 146, and it is on the first floor (ground floor) of the shopping center.

AliExpress store opening hours

Its opening hours are from 10 to 22 hours, coinciding with the hours of the shopping center. The store is open from Monday to Sunday, so you can spend any day looking and buying. Both the shopping center and AliExpress Plaza Xanadú will remain open all week.

AliExpress contact telephone number in Madrid

BEWARE , this phone is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY for inquiries and purchases related to this physical store and NOT for inquiries or orders from the Aliexpress website

If you need any clarification or support, the phone number to contact the store is 618 972 338. It is a mobile number, but it is the one available to answer calls in the physical store.

AliExpress Plaza user service website (Spain)

Also, if you have any questions about your orders on AliExpress Plaza, you can always visit the customer service website by clicking on this link. Remember that AliExpress Plaza is the AliExpress website focused on Spain. That is, with its own large warehouse in this territory, and with local vendors. It is not the physical store, but the web.

Other ways to contact the AliExpress physical store Plaza Xanadú

If you are more of social networks, you should know that AliExpress Plaza Xanadú also has profiles in the two main ones.

  • Facebook: AliExpress Plaza Xanadú
  • Twitter: @AliExpressXAN

What can you buy in AliExpress Spain

Inside the first physical AliExpress store in Spain we find different spaces with all kinds of products. As if it were a reflection of the web page, as soon as you enter it is possible to see a section with those products that are being a trend and the most demanded and purchased on the web page. Of course, this space at Intu Madrid Xanadú focuses, above all, on technology .


That is why, in its side sections, there are spaces for the main technology brands that also sell through AliExpress. We can thus find exhibitors and shelves from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Cecotec, uGreen and other brands in the sector.

There is also a central part within the AliExpress space in Spain with other striking products. Electric scooters, robot vacuum cleaners. A section where you can try them or show them out of their boxes. But there are also experience areas where you can taste the operation of drones (with protections to avoid damage inside the store) or even try on clothes with augmented reality directly on your body, through a screen. Lastly, the store has a space for product presentations or future events.

On AliExpress Spain there are more than 1,000 products from a variety of 60 different sellers . Of course, in a space limited to the physical, not like in your web service, these references had to be filtered. For this they have catered to the most demanded and popular products. The good thing is that we can always buy online and collect in the store.

New retail techniques and exclusive offers

Other curiosities of the first permanent physical store in Spain of AliExpress is to place QR labels to scan and take us to the page of the product that we are looking at. Something useful to buy online, if we want, or to order it if there is no stock available.

AliExpress Plaza Madrid

In addition, this space will have a web replica on the AliExpress page. It will be called AliExpress Plaza Madrid, with the products available in the physical space. In this way you can make the purchase online and go to pick it up directly at Intu Madrid Xanadú. But where exclusive offers will also be replicated that can only be found in this physical space. But, at the moment, this service is not available.