Fidget Spinner, how to use the fashion toy

Fidget Spinner, 5 tips to master it in your hand

What's so special about Fidget Spinner ? This toy has become the great attraction of the youngest, although anyone can use it. The operation is very simple, we have to turn it around and from there let our imagination free to perform all the tricks that come to mind.

Fidget Spinner is made of plastic and does not occupy more than the palm of a hand, it has three spinners (some models have up to four) of counterweight in each rounded tip and hard plastic. After giving it momentum, it will roll with speed on its axis and we can make it roll on any surface. That's when the tricks to master it and various models on the market have appeared, even the ones that glow in the dark.

First of all, this game has been designed to combat anxiety, concentration, autism. .. in fact it was invented back in the 90's by Catherine Hettinger, who created it when she had myasthenia and thought that her 7-year-old daughter could have fun with it, since she could not play with the girl. She patented it but it expired in 2005, as she couldn't afford to pay the more than 400 euros at the time.

Finger fidget spinner

Sold out in many stores, we explain 5 tips to master it in your hand:

Get used to its weight and spin

As soon as we have Fidget Spinner in our power, the first thing to do should be to get used to what it weighs as well as how long it can hold spinning depending on the force we give it. Holding it with two fingers, usually the thumb and another, we will rotate it and we can move it and turn it around as a practice.

Spin it on one finger

Once we have gotten used to how it spins, the next thing to do is hold it on one finger. If the force that we have given to the turn is enough, we will see how it begins to oscillate towards the extremes, with which we will have to maintain balance. The first times we do it, we may end up falling on more than one occasion.

Run it through your fingers

If we have already mastered that of having it on one finger, we must take another step. And that may be to try to walk it through the fingers of the hand . Give it impulse and try to change it from one finger to the other and so on until you go through the entire hand. If you're feeling adventurous, passing it from one hand to the other is also a lot of fun.

And now on air

Once we have managed to get hold of the operation of Fidgnet Spinner, we have to risk. If we already passed it from one finger to another, now the test will be to throw it into the air and start by grabbing it with two fingers and keep it spinning. When we have mastered this, it will be the next step. We rotate it, we place it on one finger and again in the air, but we will have to pick it up again with only one finger. And from there, everything we can think of. From passing it through the back, between the legs ...

The final trick, the nose

The last thing is to spin the Figdet Spinner on our nose . But the goal is to finish without any damage to the face, so we must be careful. First of all, it is better to have your head supported and rotate it on your nose. Once this is mastered, we can progress through the tricks and look for infinite possibilities where to make it spin.