10 funny weekend GIFs for WhatsApp

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We bring you the best funniest GIFs for you to share through WhatsApp or any social network this weekend. Remember that, to save it, you just have to click on it with the right mouse button and choose "Save as ...". Choose the place where you keep it well, so that later you don't spend half a day looking for it. Remember, also, that you can find other compilations of GIFs here.

A dog clapping

Is there anything more beautiful in this world than a clapping dog ? Well, yes, we can think of several things, but you cannot deny that it has its grace. This GIF is worth as much to respond to a call from "We're going to party" and to say "of course, champion" to the typical tone out of that 'cuñao' that we all have in our WhatsApp group.

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"As you say? Yes, sure, sure ... "

This GIF is especially humiliating and is indicated for when they say something to which, supposedly, you are going to pay attention and, then, of course, you are going to completely ignore. "Aren't you going to be late, huh? Yes, of course… of course… ”,“ This Saturday we pick up early and we don't drink… Yes, of course, of course ”. The dog's face is priceless , happy in its disdain.

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Shall we go for a snack?

We all know that the diet is to be skipped on the weekends . Whether you propose it or one of your friends in the WhatsApp group, this GIF is perfectly indicated to tell everyone that you think it is a brilliant idea. Who doesn't like dogging between cupcakes?

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The fucking blue bird of Facebook

Unless you have not entered a single one on Facebook, it is impossible that you have not seen this pigeon shaking its head as if it were an Iron Maiden fan. One of those GIFs with which to put the most painted on the nerves. If you're in the middle of an argument, send it in - whether you're right or wrong, you'll end up victorious.

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The typical joke of putting something in your mouth

Ask your best friend to blow a dandelion together. The moment your poor companion opens his mouth, WOW !, you put the plant in the poor man's whole mouth . How you take it is another story. We are not responsible.

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When you do not attend to the laws of physics

This is what happens to this young woman, who for wanting to give a punch broken and rotates on its own axis, until she falls into the water. Some will say that he deserves it. Others, we do not know if he is defending himself. One thing or another, the fall is devastating. See it with your own eyes.

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The new Captain America

Not everyone can be a superhero. And if not, let them tell this young man, who almost ended up in the emergency room.

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Cat vs Baby, FIGHT!

They say that cats are treacherous and we disagree. Well, sometimes a little, yes they are.


Life? I give up

This is what this girl thought in the gym training of the day. "What difference does it make, I don't want medals, just feel the anguish and emptiness of this life that I haven't chosen to live" he thought while he was still in the air.

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"Zas en toda la boca"

But also, literally.

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Which of these 10 funny GIFs do you prefer? We remind you that you can also send GIFs directly from WhatsApp chat.