Why is not who has seen my WhatsApp statuses appear?

Why is not who has seen my WhatsApp statuses appear?

For a few weeks, the most downloaded messaging application in the world. (Yes, WhatsApp) introduced a new form of statuses. It is something similar to what is currently on Facebook. And that we have already seen on Instagram or Snapchat, but in this case, it is a little simpler. One of the key features is that we could know who could see our WhatsApp statuses. In addition to configuring it so that certain contacts do not see them. But some users couldn't see who was viewing their statuses. Next, we will explain why the person who has seen it does not appear, and how to solve that ”˜problem” ™.

Seen whatsapp status

Ways to see who has seen your status

If you publish a status, and you only see the number of people, or you don't see specifically who has seen it. Or directly you do not get the number of people, it is not an update error. It is because you have the read receipt, or the famous blue check disabled . If you chose the option to deactivate blue check, you cannot see if your contact has read it, but you cannot see if they have seen your statuses either.

How to activate the option to know who sees my statuses

Why is not who has seen my WhatsApp statuses appear?  one

Activate or deactivate read confirmation in WhatsApp

The solution is simple. Although if we want to see who sees our states, we will also have to sacrifice and apply the double blue tick in WhatsApp conversations. To deactivate the option, we go to the WhatsApp application. Next, we go to the three points that we will find in the upper right part, there we click on settings. Once inside, we go to ”˜Account” ™. Then we enter the first option, ”˜Privacy” ™ and activate the option ”˜Leture confirmation” ™. Now if we publish a state, we will see who has seen it. In this option, a notice will soon appear saying that, if we uncheck the reading confirmation box, we will not be able to know if they have read our messages, and also if they have seen our status.