Haya, find, there or there? Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet

there or there or there or there

Haya or finds? There or there? Aya or there? Haya has a tilde? Although they may seem relatively easy to identify words, the truth is that their use in networks such as Twitter or Instagram is not yet clear. This is the case of words like above all or above all, go, fence, berry or balla or there, there or ay. Like any other word, the meaning of haya, finds, there and aya depends on its spelling and the context that accompanies the sentence.

Haya or finds: do you write with with yo ll?

Haya and finds are two words that belong to the verbs have and find.

"Life is sweet or bitter; it is short or long. Does matters? He who enjoys it finds it short, and he who suffers it finds it long "

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While finds always acts as a verb in the third person of the present indicative (or the second person of the imperative) of the verb to find, haya can act as a verb in the first and third person singular of the present subjunctive of the verb haber and as a noun that reference to a type of tree .

differences there is there

Dry beech forest-

Differentiating its use is as simple as referring to the first person singular of the verb haber in indicative (hay). For example:

  • Whether or not there is an exam, you will have to study so as not to be left behind.

The word has can be substituted in this case for there.

Beech phrases: examples

  • Whoever said that high school is easy has no idea.
  • Yesterday afternoon they cut down the beech on the corner.
  • Whether or not there is water, we have to buy supplies for the whole day.

Halla phrases: examples

  • Who seeks, finds.
  • Finding the solution to this problem is leading me down the path of bitterness.

Beech and finds phrases: examples

  • Finding beech trees in this forest is very difficult due to the type of vegetation.
  • Anyone find that beech in the field. It is impossible!
  • Whether there are or not, you will have to find them to win the game.

There or there: how to spell

The case of aya or there is very different from that of there or there. There it is an adverb of place that can act as an adverb of time if the sentence that precedes it makes mention of a time particle.

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For its part, aya acts as a noun, and the meaning of the word designates a woman in charge of the education of the children of a family within the family unit. The masculine of aya is ayo.

Examples of phrases with there

  • There in the mountains you can find thousands of goats.
  • Time there, in my youth, I did not know how to appreciate happiness like now.
  • Here or there, wherever I go, you can always find me.

Examples of sentences with aya

  • The children's nurse told me they had an exam on Tuesday.
  • We have to hire a nurse for the summer.
  • The ayas scolded me for the poor grade I got on the exam.

Examples of phrases with there and there

  • Where is the nurse? I think he went there.
  • Wherever the nurse goes you must follow her.

Examples of phrases with there, there, there and there

  • Whether or not there are duties, you will have to follow the nurse wherever she goes.
  • Whether or not there are beeches, you will have to find them there to take them to the nurse.