Mega Link Downloader, how to configure it to download files at full speed

Mega Link Downloader, how to configure it to download files at full speed

Mega has been one of the main platforms used for downloading and installing all kinds of files over the Internet for many years. In this article we explain how you can get the most out of it, and get the best download speed through the MEGA Link Downloader application .

What is MEGA Link Downloader

MEGA Link Downloader is a tool that we can use completely free of charge, to manage the download of files through Mega , in the most efficient way possible. A very important feature of this tool is that it has been designed to establish the maximum number of connections possible with Mega's servers for a single file.

This means that it is a tool designed to download files as quickly as possible. But the advantages that MEGA Link Downloader offers are not limited only to achieving the maximum download speed for your files. This tool includes many other additional benefits, such as the possibility of recovering and resuming the download of a file , if a failure or problem has appeared with your network.

How to install and configure MEGA Link Downloader correctly

The first step we need to do in order to use the MEGA Link Downloader tool is to download the installation file from the official website of this project.

The website interface is a bit spartan, and it doesn't show any button to download the tool , but instead shows a link, which you'll have to copy into a browser window to open it. Next, we leave you an image where we point out the exact place, where this link is located, which you must copy in a browser tab.

install and configure MEGA Link Downloader 1

Once the download of the tool is complete, you just need to install it like any other Windows application. The installation process is very simple, you will only have to click "Next" two or three times.

Once you have installed MEGA Link Downloader, you can open the tool to start using it immediately.

The MEGA Link Downloader interface is very simple , and all the program's options are very visible so that you can locate them and use it without any problem.

configure MEGA Link Downloader 1

At the top of the interface we find a series of buttons , which help us to add the links of the files that we want to download, as well as pause and resume the download process, access the program's configuration interface, access our account from Mega, and update this program.

Downloading the files using MEGA Link Downloader is as simple as adding all the links by pressing the button in the upper left corner of the program's main interface.

MEGA Link Downloader is a program that comes with a good default configuration, but there are some options that we can modify to make it work even better.

Some of the most important options that we must adjust are the following:

  • Download Directory : it is the path of our hard drive where we want the files downloaded with this program to be saved. It is an option that is not configured by default, so it is mandatory that we configure it before being able to download files with MEGA Link Downloader.
  • Simultaneous Download : this option is used to select the maximum number of files that the program will try to download at the same time. If we put "1", MEGA Link Downloader will only download one file at a time, but in return we will enjoy the maximum speed. If we download several files at the same time, the speed will be distributed among all of them.
  • Max Connection Number : it is one of the most important options offered by this program as it serves to indicate the maximum number of connections we want it to make with the Mega servers. The default value is 8, which is pretty good, but we can comment on it slightly, for example, we can put 10.

Finally, we find two options that are also very interesting. These allow us to make the program start downloading the files as soon as we open it , and to notify us with a sound when a file has finished downloading.

configure MEGA Link Downloader 3

When we have finished configuring all the options to our liking, we only have to click on the " Save " button to save the changes made.

The next step is to synchronize the MEGA Link Downloader program with our Mega account. To do this we will only have to enter the email that we use to register in this direct download service, as well as our password. After that, we click on the " Login " button , and we will complete the process.

configure MEGA Link Downloader 4

Mega is a download service that we can use for free. In order to get the most out of it, it will be necessary for us to register with a free account. You only have to go to their official website, and click on the small button " Create Account " which appears in the upper right corner of the interface.

If you have followed this article up to here, you will already have your MEGA Link Downloader application fully configured to start downloading Mega files at the maximum speed allowed by your Internet connection.

Now you just need to add the links of the files you want to download, and click on the small button that appears at the top of the program interface, to start the download process. MEGA Link Downloader will inform you at all times of the download speed, as well as the percentage of each of the files that it has managed to download.

configure MEGA Link Downloader 5

Here ends our tutorial on how to configure and use the MEGA Link Downloader application to download files from the Internet at full speed, we hope you find it very useful. Remember that you can share this article with your friends on social networks, so that it can reach more people who need it.