▷ My mobile does not connect to the home WiFi: 5 possible solutions [2019]

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"Because my mobile does not connect to the wifi at home", "my mobile does not connect to the wifi authentication error", "my mobile detects the wifi but does not connect" ... These and many other queries are some of the searches that more visits accumulate in Google. And it is that although it may seem a rare problem, the truth is that the WiFi network in our house can present errors that lead to the disconnection of the devices that we have previously connected.

Days ago we showed you 5 applications to find WiFi networks without password. This time we will show you several possible solutions in case our mobile does not connect to the router.

Check if it is a router failure

It may be the case that our router has blocked the IP of our mobile for some particular reason. To check that it is indeed a router error, the best way to do this is to restart the device in question as follows:

  • Turn off the router with the on / off button
  • Disconnect the router from the power cord
  • Wait around 20 or 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the cable and turn on the router

Then, we will check if both our mobile and the rest of our devices connect to the WiFi network in a satisfactory way.

Connects to WiFi but doesn't work

If the problem happens off the WiFi network because we have no effective connection to the Internet, the best way to proceed is based on clear data network through our mobile settings .

my mobile does not connect to the wifi at home 2

Within Networks and Internet we will find the WiFi network of our home. As simple as deleting the network and connecting again so that new access data is generated.

Configure the connection manually

Possible WiFi connection problems may be due to a bad Android setting to connect to the network in question. To do this, we can try to configure the network connection data manually .

my mobile does not connect to the wifi at home 1

Within the WiFi section in the Android Settings application, we will select our WiFi network and click on the Edit button to configure the settings manually. Then, we will click on Advanced options and finally on IP Settings . In this last section we will select static IP and enter the following data:

  • IP address : 192.168.1.x, where x is a number from 2 to 256 (it is recommended to choose from 100)
  • Gateway :
  • Network prefix length : 24
  • DNS 1 :
  • DNS 2 : (or by default)

Finally, we will save the connection settings and reconnect to our home WiFi network.

Check if you can connect to other WiFi networks

For the reasons mentioned above, it may be possible that our mobile does not connect to the home WiFi network. To verify that it is not an error related to the mobile hardware (the WiFi antenna, the motherboard…) we will have to try to connect to a WiFi network other than the one at home .

In the event that we do not have an alternative network to that of our home, we can create a WiFi access point through Networks and the Internet in the case of Android with an external device. If after checking the connection status our mobile still cannot connect, it may be due to a failure of the device itself.

Reset the mobile if none of the above works

Before we contact the technical service on duty, we can try to reset the system completely . In this way, we will delete all the possible configurations that may be generating a conflict with the WiFi. Also the data and applications of the phone.

my mobile does not connect to the wifi at home 0

On Android, the process is as simple as going to System in Settings. Then, we will click on Recovery options and finally on Delete all data or Reset factory settings.