Funny and joking messages to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp

Funny and joking messages to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp

Christmas is coming and almost everyone has someone to congratulate the holidays. And there are many ways to do it, from special Christmas memes to GIF images. However, if we don't want to waste too much time, we can simply send a somewhat more original phrase than simply saying Merry Christmas. There are many phrases that we can find on the net. Some are cuter or more loving. But we wanted to make a small compilation of  the funniest phrases that we can use to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp . We started!

Do you want to send a congratulation with rhythm ? Here are some very original rhyming phrases:

With a prawn and a mussel I give you a kiss. With a barnacle and my friendship Merry Christmas

If you have a friend hooked on the Internet , with this greeting you will surely touch their little heart:

May these holidays find happiness, health, love, money, peace and everything you need. And what you can't find, Google it

And here is a very appropriate congratulation for that friend with whom you have a special love-hate relationship , don't you think?

With the crisis I can only congratulate one of my friends on Christmas. I have chosen you. I thought that because it was ugly and unfriendly, no one else would remember! Merry Christmas!

Funny and joking messages to congratulate Christmas by WhatsApp postcard

Are you a low-tech person but still want to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp? Here is the perfect phrase for you:

You know how hard it is for me to adapt to new technologies, even so I have made the effort and I am sending you this message even though the stamp covers half of the screen.

The next message has long been with us, but we still love as the first day . Surely many of your friends or family keep laughing when they receive it:

Hello everyone, this is a PERSONALIZED sms that I send to you / you / you. Merry Christmas!

If you are fed up with Christmas messages, the best thing to do is boycott them . Pass it on to your friends and let's all finish with the congratulatory messages on WhatsApp:

Boikot to Christmas messages on WhatsApp !! Pass it on!!

And here you have one of the best gifts that you can send to your friends . With this message, no friend or family member you have on WhatsApp will be left without a gift:

On these dates, Santa Claus gives you 2 words that will open many doors for you: PULL and PUSH. Merry Christmas!

Funny and joking messages to congratulate Christmas by WhatsApp postcard snow

As they say, if we don't love ourselves, who is going to love us? This phrase is for those who take that saying to the extreme:

The police are looking for a beautiful, sexy, charismatic and incredibly good person in bed. You're safe. But me, where am I hiding ???? Merry Christmas!

Although the elections in Catalonia have covered all the news, the reality is that corruption continues to be a worrying issue . But the best thing is to take it with humor, right?

The mayor of Belén arrested for requalifying the portal. The Magi are involved. The child will be born in a chalet. Santa Claus introduces himself as a prosecutor. Merry Christmas!

Another issue that, unfortunately, is still current, is the economic crisis . Although it is true that there is a slight improvement, many families are still having a hard time. However, as we said before, it is better to take things with humor:

Santa Claus customer service department. You have requested a gift beyond your means. Please try again next year when the crisis ends. Merry Christmas!

The last message that we want to share with you is perfect to congratulate your family on the holidays on WhatsApp on Christmas Eve , just before people go home.

End of the Christmas peace drill: you can now save the prawns and go back to insult the in-laws and brothers-in-law. Merry Christmas!

And so far a small selection of funny and joking messages to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp . And you, how do you congratulate your friends and family on Christmas?