Be careful with the number 635101776: it is a SPAM call

spam call

It is quite unpleasant to receive phone calls while we are doing important work, especially if they are not from anyone we know, or are commercial calls from telephone operators. The latter also tend to have a great sense of timing, calling potential clients at odd hours or when they are busiest. Our intention as your expert is to collect all the calls from SPAM numbers that we are receiving so that you know who called you, in case you look for it on the Internet.

In this particular case, we receive a call not from a landline, but from a mobile phone, 635 101 776. The vast majority of us, seeing a mobile phone reflected in ours, we pick it up without hesitation, because we are not going to think at first that it is a business call. Yes, in this case this telephone number belongs to the Jazztel company . They receive the call with the promise of giving you a mobile phone, without saying a word and before even introducing themselves.

635101776, Jazztel commercial number

In this special prepared by the house, we have compiled all the SPAM phone numbers that we have been collecting over time. The vast majority of these SPAM telephones belong to telephone companies such as Jazztel, one of the most widespread, Vodafone, Orange or Yoigo. It has even been the case that we have detected SPAM calls from the political group Ciudadanos. As we can see, it is a widespread way to get in touch with potential 'clients' but in a way that not all of us like.

jazztel logo

It is very important that if you receive a phone call of these characteristics, you do not give your personal data, especially ID and bank details , since these data can be associated with an account that you have not requested, charging you receipts. Just as you would show an electricity bill to strangers who knock on your door, you should not give information to a salesperson who calls you on the phone.

In this link, you can also unsubscribe from any type of telephone advertising, email, postal mail and SMS. We do not assure you that it is infallible (in fact I, personally, am listed on this list and I continue to receive publicity through any of these means) but you do not lose anything by signing up and trying.

How to block a SPAM phone number

Once you have received this phone call, we recommend that you send the number directly to the blacklist of blocked . This method can be done in a simple way, depending on the brand of phone you have. For example, if you have a Xiaomi phone, the best way to block phone numbers is the following.

Be careful with the number 635101776: it is a SPAM call 1

In the call application of your phone, open the list of calls sent and received after having answered the SPAM call. The phone number will appear first, in this case, 635101776. All we have to do to block the desired phone number is to hold it down for a few seconds until a new window opens with various options. Among these options we will have to locate 'Block'.

If you do not clarify with your phone brand, you also have in the Play Store application tools to block phone numbers. The most recommended is 'True Caller'. This application contains advertisements and purchases inside, but the free version is enough to block SPAM numbers. The size of the installation file will depend on the phone you have so it is better that you download it when you are connected via WiFi.