How to add text to an animated GIF

edit gifs

Are you a super fan of GIFs? They are fun and help us express many things that simply cannot be expressed in words. On the Internet we find different repositories of GIFs and in fact, most social networks and messaging services already technically support them. Without going any further, today we were telling you how to send GIFs through WhatsApp Web . But this is not all we can do with GIFs. Did you know that there are different tools with which we can customize them? Today we want to teach you how to add text to an animated GIF to personalize it and send it to all your contacts. It is easier than it seems, but to achieve it you will have to download a program and follow the instructions that we provide below. Let's go there!

edit gifs

1. The first thing you have to do before you start customizing your GIFs is to access the GiffinTool online page , a tool that will help us edit these images in the way we want. In fact, all kinds of functions are included with which in addition to adding text, we can do other things

2.  Access the bottom of this page and click on the Download Now, Buy Later option . You will see that it is a paid program, but if you click on the indicated link you will have the opportunity to enjoy the tool for free. Open the ZIP that has been downloaded and run the * .exe file on your computer.

3. Once you have the tool open, give it permission to insert an icon in the Windows taskbar , right at the bottom. Do it, because otherwise, you may go crazy looking for the program every time you need it.

4. When you have the program open (a single small bar will be shown) and click on Open or Open  to rescue the GIF you want to edit. Look for it right where you have it saved on your computer. It may take a while to load (it all depends on how large the GIF in question is).

5. The GIF will open in the program and you will be able to reproduce it through the tools that you have at the top. There you also have the tools to copy, paste, cut and save . In the sidebar you will have many more options and there is, precisely, the tool to enter text.

gif letter

6. Click on the letter T icon to start entering text. Go forward or backward as you are interested (through the upper arrows) to write whatever you want. Easy right? The changes will be registered automatically and you can move the text around the image area to your liking.

7. Choose the amount of time you want the GIF to have text and use whatever combinations you want.

8. Have you finished entering text yet? Well, the next thing you have to do is save the GIF on your computer. Open it and check that it appears correctly edited .

It is ready to be sent, so all you have to do from now on is share it with your family and friends. Of course, keep in mind that if you don't want to pay for this program you will see a bar with the name GiffinTool appear below the GIF . A minor annoyance if you only want to share custom GIFs from time to time.