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So or so is it? So what or so? So does it go together or separately? The eternal doubt together with together with overcoat or above all, but or if not, go, fence, berry or balla, there, there, there or there or there, there or oh. The expression, used by a large number of people today, supports various grammatical forms. Many others, although more popular, are not correct if we adhere to the rules of the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. How do you spell, so or so? We see it below.

So: does it go together or separate?

So separated and with a tilde , as an expression, it is a conjunctive phrase that is used to indicate achievement within a certain sentence.

so meme

Its functions are limited to acting as a consecutive connector, and as a general rule, they precede a consequence within a sentence.

@SabriSchultz #RAEconsultas In any case it is written «so», in two words.

- RAE (@RAEinforma) August 29, 2014

The common structure of this connector is as follows:

  • [action], so [consequence]

Applied to a sentence, the model leaves us with the following structure:

  • It's raining heavily, so you'll have to wait for the rain to subside.

A good way to remember its use is to replace the expression with 'so' or 'therefore'.

  • It's raining heavily, so you 'll have to wait for the rain to subside.
  • It is raining heavily, so you will have to wait for the rain to subside.

What does so together mean?

If we refer to the use of asique as an expression or conjunctive locution, the rules of the Royal Spanish Academy do not accept any meaning for this word, so its use is incorrect in any sentence or text . It is, therefore, a complete misspelling.

Examples of sentences with so

  • You have failed three subjects, so you will have to repeat the course.
  • I have installed cameras in the garage, so if you come in I will know what you are doing.
  • I didn't get to the subway on time, so I'll have to take a taxi.

So or so is that

So it is a particle identical to so in functions. For practical purposes, it performs the same function as the latter , and its use is totally correct as long as it is used in a valid context. The RAE itself indicates the use of it within a certain context in its official Twitter account.

#RAEconsultas If used in the right context, it can be valid. V. § 46.12j here: //t.co/5HPGIO7XPe

- RAE (@RAEinforma) September 28, 2017

Examples of phrases with so

  • Yesterday I was diagnosed with depression, so I will have to start treatment
  • So everything ends, and everything that ends is better left out.
  • I think I have failed the exam, so I will have to study for the September make-up.