50 free virtual reality videos to watch with VR glasses

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Virtual reality is now available to everyone thanks to mobile phones and VR glasses. Just a few years ago, testing virtual reality required considerable hardware, but today we can enjoy it in the comfort of our own home. A virtual reality kit allows for such impressive experiences as wielding a lightsaber and stepping into the shoes of a Jedi. But we do not have to save to buy the Samsung Odyssey. And of course, it is not something restricted to the world of video games. A few simple VR glasses and a good search on YouTube are enough to experience powerful emotions and immerse yourself in stunning 3D images . With this selection of videos, you will feel the vertigo of a roller coaster and you will have Batman himself in front of you. Beware of frights.

Virtual reality, available to everyone

We can be lucky owners of a Samsung Odyssey, or turn to an affordable Google Cardboard. We even have the option to build our own VR glasses. Whatever the case, YouTube has embraced virtual reality, and anyone can enjoy it. And free! When opening a video with 3D possibilities on our mobile, we will see the icon of a small VR glasses in the toolbar. By clicking on it, the video will be displayed in a stereoscopic image and we can see it in our virtual reality kit. In the event that the VR button does not appear, it will be necessary to tap the gear to explore the options and select 3D (if available).

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A VR video is not the same as a 360º video, although in many cases the two effects are combined to print greater spectacularity. If we want to enjoy 360º, we need a phone with a built-in gyroscope . Thus, by turning the head with the VR glasses on, we will see the whole panorama as if we were inside it. Not all mobiles have a gyroscope. However, many phones manage to simulate its effects through the front and rear cameras.

Try to have a good internet connection, 3D videos require a lot of bandwidth. And remember, the feeling is maximum with a good sound . If your virtual reality system does not have built-in headphones, do not hesitate to connect a headset to the 3.5 mm jack of your mobile before inserting it into the VR glasses. You will appreciate it.

VR videos of nature and the animal world

There are not many opportunities to have animals something more wild than a puppy or a cat around. Sometimes parks and nature reserves are a bit out of reach. But it does not matter! National Geographic gives us an instant trip to the savannah , and surrounds us with beautiful lions that we can almost touch. Don't they look like huge, adorable kittens? Adorable while they're not hungry, of course.

The ocean is an inexhaustible source of surprises, mysteries and intense emotions. The deep sea has a hypnotic power that is very difficult to match. Summer vacations are the perfect excuse to take that diving course that we all crave. And thanks to virtual reality, we can anticipate some of the wonders that await us at the bottom of the sea. Make sure you don't have vases or fragile things within easy reach. We are sure that, at some point, you will spread your hands as if you are really there .

We can also become one of the most important animals in the entire planetary ecosystem: the bee. Fancy something more risky? Try stuffing your wetsuit into a shark cage. If you've already seen sharks, see what you think of their cousins, the hammerhead sharks. Or stay as still as you can so as not to disturb the tranquility of these huge elephants. And since you're seeing animals, why don't you find out how animals see you?

On the other hand, wild animals are dangerous, but nature, alone, can be truly lethal. The tornado is one of its most violent and destructive manifestations. It is not a good idea to stand in front of a hurricane, so we recommend that you approach it through virtual reality. 

VR videos of strong emotions

One of the most recurrent dreams is parachuting . If you still don't decide to take courage and jump from a plane next weekend, maybe this free fall in 360º VR will help you take the step forward.

Sometimes you just need an amusement park to let off steam with some good rides. We can't give you a ticket, but we can bring you a VR experience of the impressive roller coaster in Seoul . Sit on your best sofa and let yourself go. You'll see your stomach tickle. It's free.

We do not know another thing, but VR videos of roller coasters are there to give and give away.

But of course, the idea of ​​virtual reality is to test things that are out of our reach, or that we would hardly have the chance to live. On board camera shots in F1 racing are spectacular. But even better is this VR video in which we get behind the wheel of a Red Bull . We got on the pilot's helmet, rather. But we are not going to complain, are we?

But you don't have to reach supersonic speeds to get goose bumps and adrenaline rush through your circulatory system. Sometimes there is nothing more to contemplate. Here's one of the VR videos that reminds you that the internet can be a great place. Something as simple as placing a 360º camera on a hot air balloon, and seeing how far it can go. The result is a journey to the edge of outer space of overwhelming beauty.

In an adventurous section like this, GoPro could not be missing. The VR world owes a great deal to the world's most popular action camera, as this short but gripping combination of land, sea and air experiences demonstrates. And if you lack surfing skills but would like to know what it feels like to be inside a huge wave, get on this virtual surfboard. Plus, you don't have to undergo the harsh training required to become a fighter pilot and get into the cockpit of an Air Force F-5. Somewhat quieter is the cabin of the Airbus A320 commercial plane, but the views will mute you just the same.

Video Game VR Videos

We know what you are thinking. If there is a video game destined to be lived in virtual reality, it is Assassin's Creed . We have all fantasized about performing impossible stunts, jumping into the void or seeing the city from above. The hallmarks of a game that has made history.

Okay, there are more games worthy of virtual reality. This VR video of Batman: Arkham City puts us in the armored suit of the Dark Knight . Be careful, because the petty thugs are just the appetizer of everything Bat Man will have to face.

It seems incredible that, just a few years ago, pixels like fists could unleash so much adrenaline and cause us such anguish. This VR video reminds us why Quake was, and still is, such a great video game.

Talking about Quake is talking about Doom, the video game that changed the way of making video games forever. Its various installments have had an uneven reception, but what is indisputable is that Doom leaves an indelible mark on everyone who plays it .

However, the classic has absolutely nothing to envy the new. The tension that the classic Pac-Man is capable of causing is beyond doubt , but entering the famous maze of the Pac-Man raises the level even more. It's a real shame that we can't play Pac-Man in virtual reality. In any case, walking through narrow corridors and turning corners looking askance in case a ghost comes is something that is worth it. Oh, and don't forget to take a look at your back from time to time ...

Yes, take a look at your back from time to time, lest you run into unpleasant surprises. In this Resident Evil environment video you will only experience the harrowing and oppressive atmosphere of the video game. Of course, you will not stop looking around ... just in case. Now, if you want a little more action, we leave you a small gameplay of Resident Evil 7. We are going to increase the bet a little more. One of the creepiest virtual reality videos you will find. See if you can survive five nights at Freddy's without removing your glasses.

Travel the world in VR

The world is an immense place full of incredible wonders, both natural and man-made. Visiting the spectacular corners of our planet is a matter of wearing. But if the stress of daily life does not allow you to go beyond Cuenca, virtual reality has come to save your day. Surely you have dreamed of visiting the Colorado Canyon and riding the rapids of the river that runs through it , right? Well, you can do it now. Free. And without getting a single hair wet.

Egypt. A fascinating city in every way. Pure history in its streets. The place that contains the only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world left standing: the pyramids. The destination of countless honeymoons and end-of-year trips. Now, in your VR glasses.

New York is another city (and state) that fills the senses, for reasons that are very different from those of Egypt, but just as worthwhile. Greatness, speed, wealth, excesses, diversity, dozens of cultures on the same avenue. The Big Apple catches everyone who visits it. Perhaps this video will be decisive for planning your next trip.

And if New York is the most famous city in the United States, Manhattan is the most famous part of New York. Here you can find out why.

The New York Times 360º video collection is a veritable treasure trove of VR , like this giant bamboo maze. Beyond the archives of the famous newspaper, we find trips as suggestive as a visit to a waterfall so impressive that it does not seem real. Not in vain is it the largest waterfall in the world: the Angel Falls, in Venezuela. Are you lazy to travel to the end of the world to see Australia? No problem, here is a complete tour in virtual reality. And this 360º virtual tour of Argentina will show you why its places have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Or see why Paris is one of the best known cities in the world. Of course, if you have the opportunity to go in person, do not hesitate for a second.

Travel around Spain in VR

Knowing all the places that are worthwhile in the world is an almost impossible task. But it is that even all corners of our own country is something really difficult . No matter how well we intend it, there will always be a city, a town, a place in Spain whose ravishing beauty will be overlooked. Fortunately, it is possible to alleviate our tourist deficiencies with VR glasses and a little time ahead. Have you never been to León? Well, from now on, when they tell you "you don't know what you're missing" you can say yes, you know it very well.

Few countries can boast of having hosted one of the most important enclaves in the entire galaxy. We refer, of course, to the planet Naboo. Or what is the same, the Plaza de España in Seville .

It is worth remembering that the Alhambra in Granada was about to become one of the Seven Wonders of the world today . Unfortunately, it was left out of such an illustrious list, but the magic of the Red Keep has not diminished one iota for it. The Alhambra is one of the most outstanding tourist visits in Spain. Getting a ticket requires months in advance, but you can whet your appetite with this 360º VR video.

In addition, it is worth taking a walk through beautiful Granada, even if it is through virtual reality. A city that goes from modernity to pure Nasrid and Renaissance history just by crossing one street.

The tapas in Spain has several proper names. Laurel street in Logroño is one of them, due to solid (and tasty) merits. But Logroño is a city that contains many more charms.

Technology allows us to watch videos in virtual reality, and also make them. Thanks to this friendly couple, it is possible to make a VR visit to the spectacular city of Toledo.

In case Toledo does not captivate you as a city, you may be seduced to know that the longest zip line in Europe is in Toledo . Thanks to this brave adventurer, we have the chance to test what it feels like to climb down that enormous steel cable.

The architecture of the Hanging Houses of Cuenca silences the visitor, out of sheer amazement. Wandering through the walled city of í vila makes us feel that we have traveled back in time. A similar sensation invades us when we enter the streets of the medieval town of Pedraza, in Segovia. And we cannot forget the piece of paradise that the northwest of Spain hides, the Cíes Islands. Its idyllic coasts are home to what is considered the best beach in the world, the beach of Rodas.

3D movie and TV trailers and promos

Film producers do not lavish too much when it comes to releasing trailers to see with VR glasses, but it is possible to find promotional videos in virtual reality that get us fully into the action. This is the case of The Conjuring 2, one of the best-made horror film proposals in recent years. Dare to experience the Einfeld case for yourself .

The Walking Dead , one of the series with the most followers in the world, is the perfect setting for a 3D experience . Experience the chill that runs through Rick Grimes' body when surrounded by zombies.

Another television phenomenon in its own right is Stranger Things. Netflix has shot straight into the hearts of all its users with a product that exudes tributes to the glorious 80s in each and every one of its frames. But its virtues are not only based on nostalgia. We have been with our hearts racing for the events of Hawkins and the world of Del Reverse. Here is the VR video of a sequence from Stranger Things that is already television history: Will communicating through Christmas lights .

Christopher Nolan was praised and criticized in equal measure for his film Dunkirk. Some saw a dispassionate portrait of protagonists with little depth or development. Others were able to grasp that it was not about personal stories, but was an immersive experiment to try to put the viewer in the horror of war. Here is an excerpt from Dunkerque to enjoy with your virtual reality glasses . And decide for yourself.

There are also entire movies in 3D. "Notes on Blindness" tells how the writer John Hull was gradually going blind . The short film brings together the notes that Hull recorded in his diary, and captures in virtual reality the sensations and emotions of a person who loses the essential sense of sight. A fascinating and moving experience.

VR videos of spectacular landscapes

Virtual reality also serves to relax, which we have experienced a lot of strong emotions and fear with previous VR videos. Our planet is home to places of breathtaking beauty and tremendous evocative power. Sites that clear the mind of questions, that make us forget the daily stress. Landscapes in which you simply enjoy your own existence.

It's all about thinking about mountainous landscapes, charming towns and trails that look like something out of a postcard, and the name of Norway comes to mind . It's very cold there, but that doesn't bother us. We put this 3D video of Norway next to our infallible stove, and enjoy.

But there are also virtual reality videos that do not require us to connect the stove. We just have to escape to the Maldives, its paradisiacal beaches and that dreamy sea , so transparent that it seems that we are in a pool so gigantic that its edges escape our sight.

The sound of the sea is really intoxicating. Her lullaby fills us, dispels all our worries. VR videos of beautiful beaches and coasts can seem a bit cruel, reminding us that we cannot be there at that moment. But the mind is powerful enough to be distracted for a few moments, let yourself be carried away by the magic of 3D glasses and feel the salty fragrance of the sea breeze.

There is not a human being who does not wish to witness the spell of a Northern Lights l. It is a spectacle of nature as impressive as it is elusive, but within the reach of anyone thanks to 3D videos.

3D videos to enjoy virtual reality

Every time there is a total solar eclipse, the news reports warn us that we will not be able to witness a similar phenomenon for a few years. Well, live and direct maybe not, but through a VR video we can see a solar eclipse as many times as we want . And also, in one of the most spectacular natural environments for it: Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago located in the Arctic Glacial Ocean.

Taking a trip in a hot air balloon is a real pleasure , but we are not going to be fooled, it is a bit expensive. If we want to give ourselves the pleasure of flying through the air suspended in the basket of a balloon, we just have to enjoy this three-dimensional experience.

Would you like the Irish U2 to give you a private concert? Well, here you have “Song for someone”, a song that seems to be performed just for you.

There are pieces that take the three-dimensional effect to unimaginable exponents, such as the music video “Kids” by OneRepublic (created with Nokia OZO). And if they also include binaural sound, the spatial sensation is absolute. This is the case of "The Pull", the work of the artist Quba Michalski. Virtual reality also serves to multiply that small but indescribable pleasure that comes with watching a construction of dominoes fall down.

In this selection you have several dozen 3D videos to watch with your VR glasses, but the virtual reality experience goes much further. YouTube increasingly welcomes more 360º videos, to bring the whole world to the comfort of our living room . Of course, that virtual reality does not prevent you from savoring your experiences to the fullest. Do you want to try something new? See what it is about in 3D, assess your possibilities, and then let your friends or your partner know. May VR serve to encourage you to experience new things in person!