7 absurd websites you'll want to visit

Absurd web

The Internet universe is full of ideas, creativity and projects of all kinds . It is possible to find interesting content that is very useful in our day to day, although there is also space for absurd webs to have fun and hang out. These pages that we are going to recommend are not very useful, but surely you will like to visit them.

Why would you want to enter any of these absurd websites? The reason is very simple, for curiosity, fun, clowning a bit and disconnecting from daily stress and routine. You will be surprised to know how absurd some websites are on the Internet, that being their hallmark and particular charm. We have tried to extract some of them, in the hope that they do not go unnoticed at all.

1. Hackertyper

Surely more than once you have been left with your mouth open when you see the hackers that appear in Hollywood movies, typing at full speed on a black screen with green letters inserting indecipherable codes. Well, this is your chance to appear to be an expert programmer who knows all the ins and outs of computer code perfectly. Of course it is an absurd website, but in Hackertyper you can pretend to be an interesting programmer who is trying to get into the most complex systems.

Absurd web hackertype

As soon as you enter the web, the black screen appears, and you only have to type so that the code appears in fluorine green , so that it will look totally real. If you also want to surprise, you just have to press the Alt key.

2. Swarm

If you really want to disconnect from everything to leave your mind blank, it is possible that with this absurd website you will achieve it. You can give it many interpretations, such as that the energy is in motion and you center it in one place. This is what you can do, since they appear as hundreds of fish, larvae, worms or whatever you want to call it, and where you leave the mouse cursor there will be where they all concentrate and go, as if you were feeding them.


Swarm is an experience that we recommend that you try if you want to stop thinking and just pay attention to what happens while you move the mouse cursor. It might even help you relax, see for yourself.

3. Theuselessweb

If you are very interested in this world of absurd webs and you do not want to be investigating or searching from one place to another to access them, we present the web Theuselessweb that randomly takes you to different webs that are really absurd . To see how it works, you just have to click on the button that says PLEASE, you will immediately appear on an absurd website that will surely surprise you.

Absurd web

The interesting thing is that you can try as many times as you want and thus discover a multitude of absurd websites, and more than one will end up catching you. Will there be any absurd web limits? You can already check it.

4. Cat-bounce

If you think you've already seen all the absurdity that can be seen on the Internet, we show you something else. Most of us like kittens and we know their qualities to jump from one side to another, on this website you can see them bouncing non-stop from one place to another . Also, try clicking on one of them and dropping it wherever you want to keep it bouncing.

Another surprise that the absurd Cat-bounce website incorporates is the rain of these felines. By pressing the MAKE IT RAIN button you will see what happens.

5. Pointerpointer

One of the qualities of the absurd is that it is always capable of surprising. Even if you think you have already seen everything, always something that you would never have imagined. We propose this website that is based on images, wherever you put the mouse pointer there will be an image with a finger pointing right there.


Pointerpointer is a true statement of how we can spend our time on totally useless things , but it still seems worth it.

6. Randomcolour

It is true that the absurd knows no limits, on the Internet there are many people who strive to be original and do things that are totally useless. Randomcolour is just that, random color. When loading the web, it shows you a color and each time you load it the color will be different, appearing randomly. Do you dare to guess the color that will come out? A perfect website to waste time and distract yourself without having to think about anything else.

7. koalastothemax

To finish with this selection of the most absurd websites on the Internet, we do it with koalastothemax. It is another one of animals and you will have to discover why. It is an original and disturbing idea because you do not know what will happen with so much division of circles. At the beginning a circle appears and as you move the mouse they divide without seeming to have an end. We encourage you to try to pass it without stopping as fast as you can to see what happens.


The circles are dividing without stopping leaving a background that will surprise you. The most curious thing is that the results will be different each time you do it. Without a doubt, it is a rather curious way to entertain yourself without having to think about anything at all.

These websites we guarantee that they comply perfectly with being absolutely useless . They are absurd and although it may seem strange to you, it is possible that you will see yourself entering them more than once once you have discovered them. As you will see, you can find everything you propose on the Internet, since it is a world full of utilities with websites that help us in our day to day in a multitude of tasks, and also a place to know the most absurd things that we could never have imagined.