7 stores to buy clothes online that are worth it in 2020

7 stores to buy clothes online that are worth it in 2020

We are losing more and more the fear of buying clothes without trying them on , through the Internet. And it is that you have to value the comfort of being on the sofa, looking at clothes and buying them without having to wait for queues, stresses, crowds ... you, at home, calm down, you choose, shopping basket, you come home and try. It is true that there are garments that you need from one moment to another but they are the least occasions. If you have never tried to buy clothes online, this may be a good time.

Zalando Privé

One of the stores most appreciated by influencers. On this site you will find more than 2,500 brands that offer their products at outlet prices with discounts of up to 75% . To register you only need an email. You should keep in mind that the offers have a limited duration of three to five days and will be available while the items are in stock, so they can last only hours.

What are the downsides of this store? that an order can take up to 6 weeks to arrive , since they place them after the sale has finished and they have made sure that enough customers have placed the order. You can also go to their short-term offers section to receive the garments earlier.

For orders from 25 euros there are no shipping costs . For lower purchases the amount of shipping costs is 3 euros.

Enter Zalando Privé


This virtual clothing store offers its biggest discounts in two time slots: at seven in the morning and at seven in the afternoon. Their items have up to 70% discount and the garments they choose may remain in the shopping cart for a period of 15 minutes before making the purchase. To be a member of this website you will only need your email or link your Facebook account. This store was previously known as Privalia.



This website organizes private sales of recognized brands with great discounts. Most of the products that you can find in these private sales correspond to previous seasons, of overproduction, and the brand sells them to the page at a lower price. Garments are delivered at home within 72 hours and you have up to 14 calendar days to return the garments. In case of withdrawal, the shipping costs are paid by the customer. If it is for a defective product with which the customer is not satisfied, the expenses will be borne by the company.

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Enter Showroomprivé


This is the website that El Corte Inglés dedicates for its own flash sales. The first thing we have to do, if we are interested, is to include a contact email to receive the store's offers, with discounts of up to 70%. A few hours before each sale, you will receive the email announcing it. Each sale lasts between two and four days or until stocks are exhausted. Among the most popular brands that we can find in Primeriti are Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, John Smith, Calvin Klein or Roberto Verino. Brands change depending on who offers, they are not always the same every time.


The redouté

With this fashion website on sale you will be able to get 10 euros off just for subscribing to their newsletter and receiving all the offers in your email. On this website, in addition to clothing for women, men and children, you can find accessories, home textiles, furniture and decoration items and a special outlet section. In addition, they have a blog section with fashion articles to inspire you and renew your wardrobe in a personal and stylish way.

7 stores to buy clothes online that are worth it in 2020 2

If the weight of the shipment is less than 30 kilos, the shipping costs will be 4 euros. If you prefer to pay cash on delivery, you will have to pay 4 euros more, so the order will cost an additional 8 euros if you choose this mode.

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Of course, the e-commerce giant could not be absent from an online sales ranking. Amazon has a clothing and accessories section in its store. To locate it, you just have to click on ' All departments ' and look for the garment you want, be it a pair of slippers, a sweatshirt, coats ... The benefits of the Amazon Prime account are also applied to selected garments , so it will arrive in one day and without shipping costs. In clothing you can also find, daily, flash offers, as in this coat with a discount of 20 euros in its final price.

amazon coat

You have up to one month to return the garments if you are not satisfied with your purchase. In some garments, in addition, you can enjoy free returns , you just have to look, next to the sale price, if you enjoy this option. For example, in the case of the previous coat, you would have free returns on some sizes and brands.

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Yes, we all have in mind the meme of 'When you see it on Aliexpress / When it comes home' and we assume that it is a risk to buy clothes on Aliexpress ... but in its favor we have to say that the items are really cheap . In addition, Aliexpress is highly recommended to buy accessories and small garments that we are not going to wear much, such as curious socks or cheap t-shirts with fun and original prints.

aliexpress clothing

We advise you from your expert to always see very well the evaluation of the store where you are going to buy as well as the comments of the garment in question. In these comments we will have valuable information about the sizes : if someone with an S asked for it and it was too small, you will already know that you have to ask for the M. This trick is essential to avoid making a mistake in the size of the garment.