How to find textbooks at the best price online

How to find textbooks at the best price online

The school year is over. And although many are already thinking about vacations, we cannot forget that in just a few weeks we will run into the dreaded return to school again . With it comes the September slope and all the preparations that must be made so that the little ones in the house return prepared to school and institute.

Before we had very few options. We bought the books at the neighborhood bookstore. And we paid what we played. There wasn't much else. Today we have other possibilities. The most important: diving on the Internet to find the best deals . We must not lose sight of the fact that, according to a study by the OCU, each course parents have to pay between 215 and 230 euros per child / student.

There are different pages where you can search for books and buy them at a discount . Today we tell you how to find textbooks at the best price online.

Amazon textbooks

How to find textbooks at the best price online

To find textbooks at the best price online, you have to arm yourself with patience. Most likely, your child (unless he is very young) does not have one or two books indicated for the new course . But it has more than a dozen. What if mathematics, what if science, language and literature, English, and so on.

What we are going to recommend is to compare the availability of prices and titles in the different specialist online stores . This means that you will have to have the most complete list possible of all the books. Be interested in titles, but above all, have the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or International Standard Book Number at hand. This will help you find the exact reference and not make mistakes.

amazon books


It is the online bookstore par excellence. Although now it sells everything, Amazon began distributing books around the world. And it continues to do so, with many guarantees. The store has enabled a special section for Textbooks , from which users can make their reservations.

To search for textbooks through Amazon, you will have to access the special section for Textbooks 2017. In this portal we will find a search engine at the top , which will be useful to carry out searches directly.

But we can also dive between the different sections . You have them on the left side of the page and you can choose between the following options, depending on the educational level of the child or adolescent: Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Higher Education.

Another interesting option, if in addition to books you are looking for other materials , is the Office and stationery, Backpacks and Back to school section, which you will find right at the top. At the bottom you also have dictionaries, study guides, support for learning languages

amazon textbooks

If you want, you can carry out a search by accessing the parameters that interest you. But it is clear that how you will go faster is by typing what you need in the search engine. If you have the ISBN, you just need to copy it and paste it into the search engine . The book will appear instantly and you can make the purchase.

With regard to discounts, we must indicate that on Amazon, in general, you will find the cheapest books. If you are also subscribed to Amazon Prime, you will save shipping costs . On the other hand, Amazon now offers a voucher of 10 euros for orders over 90 euros in books for Early Childhood and Primary Education. This can be exchanged in future purchases for more books or materials.

The books you have bought, in case there is an error, can be returned until October 15 . As soon as you have them, you can request an invoice or purchase receipt through the website itself.

Book House textbooks

House of the book

Casa del Libro is another classic for buying books, in this case also textbooks. This year, the online store has been renewed with a special section and different functionalities to easily find books. The minimum price is guaranteed and the truth is that by doing the checks, we have observed the same price both on Amazon and Casa del Libro.

Of course, if you are going to perform a search you will have to make sure that you do it through the ISBN. If you intend to do it by title, you will most likely get lost and find absolutely nothing. An interesting option is to enter all the ISBNs in the search box , separated by commas. This way you will get a complete list of all the books and you can make the purchase directly.

isbn book house

Shipping costs are free and you can search by center. This is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting options. If you cannot find the list of books for your center and course, it must not have been created. In that case you will have to  look for the books yourself for the first time  and if you want, save the list so that other people can buy them.

The platform has some interesting advantages. The first, apart from the free shipping costs, is that you can pick up the books in a store . This way you save at least one trip. If you make a mistake with any of your choices, you can get the money back, because refunds are accepted until the beginning of the year.



The next online site where you can find interesting discounts is Carrefour. Until September 25 you can participate in a promotion whereby, for every 70 euros of purchase, you are given 10 euros .

On the left side of the screen you can find books by Subject, Course and Publisher. But logically, the most practical thing is that you look for them by ISBN. You can enter this code in the search engine above and the books will appear instantly.

In which we have searched as evidence not detected significant discounts, but it is clear that if you are going to buy several and reach 70 euros, you can apply these 10 euros. And take advantage of them to buy school supplies, backpacks or computer equipment later . Shipments are made at home and are also free.


Other sites where you can also buy books

We have not found special prices in El Corte Inglés, but we have found different financing options. You have, of course, the possibility of getting the Corticoles card , with which you can benefit from 5% of the amount of the reserve of your books to buy school supplies.

If you are a member of the Abacus cooperative, you will have a price as low as what you can get on Amazon or Casa del Libro. In this case, you can also get up to 25% discount: 20% on books and an extra 5% for school supplies.


But if you really want to save, you can take a look at a platform called Relibrea, where people sell second-hand textbooks. You can search by ISBN , title or author. And if you have books and want to get an extra, you can also sell them. Free.