You can now download the official wallpapers of Pokémon Go

Pokemon go

The most mediatic game of the year, now it can also be on your desktop as a wallpaper. Niantic has released the official Pokémon Go wallpapers based practically on the three teams that compose it: Wisdom, instinct and courage, or what is the same: yellow, red and blue teams. It is, therefore, only three wallpapers, although it would be the first step of the game in expanding its terrain a bit and making its way towards customization, becoming more than a video game.

All three wallpapers are completely free and available for mobile devices. We can find up to seven different resolutions, from 320 x 568 pixels to 768 x 1024 pixels. Having them on your phone is as simple as downloading the one from your computer, transferring it to your mobile or tablet and setting it as a wallpaper , just as you do with the backgrounds of other applications. You can download them from its official website .

Pokemon go

At the moment we do not know if the company will expand the repertoire of funds or will remain only with those of the blue, red and yellow teams. In the last hours, in addition to these wallpapers, Niantic has also released a new update (version 0.37.0 for Android or 1.7.0 for iOS ), which will allow you to choose a pokémon and earn candies for him. Those who update will find a solution to some important errors, as well as support for the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet , which is scheduled to launch on September 16.

The company, which has called this update "Buddy Pokémon" , has ensured that it will begin to progressively reach players around the world throughout this week. One of the great additions is that from now on you can choose a pokémon and make him your friend. In this way, it will not only appear on your profile, right next to you, it will also allow you to earn new bonuses and candies just by walking together. These candies are the same ones that you can later use to evolve your Pokémon , so you should choose your friend wisely. NianticHe has also explained that you can change friends as many times as you want. This means that once you get the candy you want to evolve your pokémon, you can choose another colleague to walk together.

As we say, Niantic has also fixed some basic bugs with the new update. One of the most important is related to the problem with the eggs that were hatched, which caused some users not to know. On the other hand, a problem caused when switching from one network to another has also been solved . On the other hand, this new update has made it now easier to choose the smallest Pokémon through the main map. Finally, we remind you that Pokémon Go will soon be available for the Apple Watch, which means that users of the Apple smart watch They can see the notifications, get the poképaradas they want without opening the app or see new eggs hatch.