7 alternatives to Spotify that you can't ignore

7 alternatives to Spotify that you can't ignore

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services today. Its extensive catalog, with more than 30 million songs, added to its interface and its simplicity of use, makes it very popular among users. Now, believe it or not, there is life beyond Spotify. The platform has more and more rivals willing to compete and take over their fans. Tidal, Deezer or YouTube Music are some of them, but not the only ones. Here we reveal 7 alternatives to Spotify that you cannot miss. We analyze their prices, their key points, whether or not they have a free trial version, and why they are worth it compared to their rival.

1. Tidal

With 60 million songs and more than 240,000 videos from your favorite artists, Tidal is one of Spotify's main rivals. Like the latter, the service offers a simple and highly visual interface, in which it is possible to search for different artists, groups or songs, with the option of listening to playlists already created with the user's preferences. It is also possible to use the radio of any artist to not get out of the related content.


Unlike Spotify, Tidal gives more priority to recommendations, new albums and added songs. This means that if you want to discover new music, don't hesitate to buy it instead. Likewise, it also has an Offline Mode, with which you can play music when you are not connected to the Internet. As for price, if you are a Vodafone customer, you are in luck. The operator gives it away for up to two years when contracting one of its Red rates . Then you will only pay 9 euros per month (18 euros if you prefer HiFi quality). If this is not your case, you can try it for free for two months. After that time, Tidal goes on to cost 10 euros, the same as Spotify.

2. YouTube Music

It broke into Spain last summer leaving a good taste in the mouth. YouTube Music is another of the alternatives to Spotify, powerful if we consider that it draws on the video catalog of the Google platform, and that it could host about 50 million songs. Why opting for this service over Spotify is a very personal decision. One of its advantages, apart from its extensive catalog, is its interface.

Youtube music

We can say that you are going to handle it like a fish in water, given its ease of use. It is similar to that of Spotify, Tidal and company, with a main page where we can get hold of the latest most popular news. On this same page you will find different playlists according to your mood . Thus, if you need more energy, focus, relax or cheer up, you can use them to forget about looking for topics. It is one of its strengths. Perhaps in this regard it stands out above other similar services, including Spotify. Like the others, its price is 10 euros, in its case with a free trial month.

3. Deezer

Deezer has studied at the same university as Spotify, although it is true that it offers a somewhat different interface. Its main page operates the same as the rest, with a selection of playlists, most popular or new. However, its design is cleaner, with a white background that is possibly more relaxed to move through, especially if you usually use these types of services for many hours. Like Spotify, Deezer lets you listen to ad-supported music without going through the box.


In any case, for 10 euros a month you can have access to more than 53 million songs, with all the advantages. You will be able to change the subject whenever you want without restriction, or download your favorite songs, playlists or albums using a WiFi connection, and thus have them all in one place to listen to them whenever you want. Another new feature from Deezer is a feature called Flow, with recommendations created exclusively for you and songs that you no longer remember so you can enjoy long hours of music. If you are interested, you have a free month in the premium mode so you can test it more thoroughly.

4. Amazon Music

With an additional advantage if you have Amazon Prime, Amazon Music will allow you to enjoy a large number of songs without having to purchase the service. In any case, if you want to access its more than 50 million songs, you will have to pay the same as for the rest of the services: 10 euros per month or 15 euros for a family plan (six users).

Amazon Music

Otherwise, Amazon Music is similar, if not the same, as the rest of rival platforms. Music can be downloaded to listen offline when you don't have an Internet connection, with personalized playlists and recommendations.

5. Apple Music

Another alternative to Spotify is that of Apple. Apple Music is crowned above its rival with a catalog of just over 50 million songs, on the same level as Tidal or Deezer. The really interesting thing about this service is that if you have an iPhone, you will have it at the click of a button in the Music app. To all this we must add its beautiful design, clean and minimalist like everything else in the company, with the option to dive through recommended lists, hits, genres or personalized and updated playlists.

Apple Music

Also, unlike Spotify or other competing services, Apple Music allows you to try it for three months, more than enough time for you to know if you want it forever or prefer to use another. After the trial period, you will have to pay 10 euros, the same as the rest. A negative point is that it does not give the possibility of listening to music with advertising. And with Apple you already know that you have to pay yes or yes.

6. Google Play Music

Its price is the same: 10 euros per month with the possibility of having a family plan for 15 euros for up to 6 users. Google Play Music also offers a catalog with 40 million songs. Its interface is pleasant and, in the same way, it allows you to browse news, different recommended playlists, with a search engine so that you can select the theme you want yourself. Then you can select a radio to listen to similar music.

Google Play Music

What is really different about Google Play Music, and one of its advantages, is that it allows you to upload music saved on your computer to the cloud to listen to it from any device. It also works perfectly with Chromecast, Android Auto or Android Wear.

7. MusicAll

Finally, MusicAll is a great alternative to Spotify, among other things because it allows you to listen to streaming music for free. Its catalog is based on the YouTube music libraries available on the platform itself. This means that it is possible to enjoy a huge number of songs , equal to or greater than what we can find in other paid services.


If we add a visual and intuitive interface, with the ease of searching by song, theme or artist without complications, as well as enjoying personalized playlists, why pay for Spotify and company?