How to disable dark mode in Windows 10

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There are numerous users who have warned that, after updating the Windows 10 operating system, the dark mode has been activated automatically and without their request, that new view mode that aims to reduce visual fatigue and that, at night, it can help us work better. It may be the case that you do not mind having it activated but what if you want to return to the bright and white mode of a lifetime? Well, here we have the tutorial to deactivate the dark mode of Windows 10 that, obviously, will also help you if you were looking for a way to activate it.

Turn off dark mode in Windows 10

The first thing we have to do is write, in the search bar at the bottom left, 'Settings'. In the results that appear we have to click in the upper part of the window, on the gear-shaped icon. Thus we will enter the configuration screen of our operating system.

Windows 10 configuration

In the screen that we have below we can configure everything necessary to leave Windows 10 to our liking. Since you are here, if you have time and want to hang out, we advise you to take a walk through all its options to leave your computer exactly how you like it. Specifically, we are going to stop at the 'Personalization' section.

customization windows 10

This new screen will delight those who like to customize the aesthetic motifs of their operating system in detail. As you can see, on the left of the screen we have different sections. 'Colors' is the one that interests us to activate and deactivate the dark mode in Windows 10 and that should be the one you click.

windows 10 colors

If we look at the previous screenshot we will see a section called 'Choose the color'. If we display the bar we have three options to choose from, light, dark and personalized. Indeed, you will choose the first one if you want to have the usual mode, the clear and bright, on your computer. If, on the other hand, your thing is darkness and night, you should choose 'Dark'. If we choose 'custom' we can choose, on the one hand, the default Windows mode and, on the other, the default application mode. In this case, we are going to choose 'clear'. Wait a few seconds and you will see how the mode changes automatically.

windows 10 colors