Top 5 free audio editors for PC

Top 5 free audio editors for PC

It is possible that once in your life - or many - you need to edit audio files with your computer. If you have never done it before and you are concerned about the operation of this type of program, you should take a look at these proposals. We have collected up to five audio editors that will be useful for modifying tracks, adding effects and even creating mixes.

The five programs that we propose here are totally free , so you won't have to scratch your pocket to use them. We have also tried to make them easy to use, but also have many functions. In this way, they will be adapted to both those users who are starting out in editing, as well as those who already have ample experience in it.

Read on below to discover our selection of 5 free audio editors for your computer.


1. Audacity

Audacity is a very popular tool for sound recording, mixing, and editing on your computer. Best of all, it is a free option, so you can download it to your Windows computer without problems and without having to scratch your pocket . However, we recommend that you download the program directly from its official website, to avoid installing adware inadvertently.

The program is simpler than you might expect, so as soon as you install the tool, you will find a good assortment of functions and options that you will clearly see what they are for . To begin with, you should know that you can record your own songs, if what you need is to store audio. But of course, you can also mix and edit the audio tracks.

If you had old cassette tapes and vinyl records, you could also use Audacity to save the content of these media in digital format or on CD. If you need it, on the other hand,  you will have the opportunity to capture what is playing on your computer and do it in real time.

In the audios you have, you also have the option to change the speed of the songs, join audios, add effects, silence certain sections, modify the tones and make file conversions . A very useful tool, if you need to transfer the files you have to any MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG Vorbis or other format.

If you have questions about how to use Audacity, we recommend that you take a look at the different tutorials that you have at your disposal. With the video you have above you can learn to use the tool step by step .


2. EXPStudio

And we continue with another interesting program to make sound edits. This is EXPStudio, a simple audio editor, with which you can carry out interesting music editing tasks . All you have to do, apart from downloading the program, is upload the audio file you want to modify.

The user interface is a bit old, but the truth is that it has everything one needs to carry out an edit from all levels of experience. That is, it can be carried out by those who are already experts, as well as those who have just started in this edition .

The audio file in question has to be loaded and from there, begin with the tasks of copying, cutting, making recordings and applying all kinds of filters and effects . You can (and should) download the application from the official EXPStudio page.

sound editor

3. Sound Editor

Now let's move on to another free tool, which you can download from the Windows application store. This is Sound Editor and it is a program with which you can also do all kinds of editing tasks. The application is compatible with all types of audio files, naturally including the most common ones, such as MP3, WMA or WAV. Thanks to this tool you will be able to record, reproduce and edit your files and do it without having a master's degree in sound editing, which is what interests us.

If you have audio files, just upload them to the program . From there, you can start simple editing, to add effects and any changes you consider to the audio.

You will also have the option of copying, cutting and pasting audio, mixing and converting files, if you are interested in modifying their format. And if you need to add more audio , there will be no problems either: because the system also serves to record audio, if you have an audio input or a microphone connected.

If you want to download Sound Editor for Windows , you will have to go to the application store of this operating system. Click on Get and follow the installation instructions.

nero wave editor

4. Nero WaveEditor

Being a product from the Nero house, the guarantees are always there. So we can only recommend Nero WaveEditor, which is a free Nero sound editor, easy to use and very useful.

We recommend that you download Nero WaveEditor directly from the official website. If you enter this page, you will have to scroll to the bottom of it to find the programs that are free (before you will see those that are paid, official Nero).

One of the great advantages of this editor is that it professionalizes the task. First of all, because it saves the edit history. This means that we can always go back to the original file or the last result, without the most recent edit. It is a good way to quickly undo those changes that we consider to be not good, to return to the original part or the last thing we had on the edit table.

Furthermore, with Nero WaveEditor you can apply all the modifications that any editor can offer us, such as sound effects, choruses, noise removal and many other filters and effects. Remember that it is very important to download the program from the official website and not by other means, which may contain unwanted add-ons.

Power Sound Editor 

5. Power Sound Editor

And we finish this special of free sound editing tools with Power Sound Editor, a program, also free, from which you can carry out quick and intuitive editing tasks. We liked Power Sound Editor a lot, because it is perfectly suitable for those users who are not used to working with sound editors and who want to get a simple system.

The commands are very familiar and accessible, you can edit different file formats and extract and edit the audios directly from YouTube. Filters and effects can also be added with ease . If you want to try it, you have it very easy. Simply download from the official website (forget about crude imitations that can get you in trouble) and go ahead.