HD wallpapers, more than 5,000 images for Windows 10, 8 and 7

HD wallpapers, more than 5,000 images for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Our desk screens are often a truly confusing space. If you are not a rare bird, you most likely have your Windows wallpaper full of icons, folders and countless documents . But there is a formula to make your work desk look nicer.

And it is downloading new HD wallpapers. On the Internet there are countless proposals to make your computer a more pleasant space, both for your leisure time and for the moments when you have to concentrate. If you are tired of the default Windows wallpapers, you have to take a look at this collection.

We offer you a compilation with more than 5,000 images of Windows 10, 8 and 7 wallpapers that you can download for free and use on your computer. They are also HD images. So you don't have to suffer for quality. It is stupendous. Ready for a change of scene in your team?

HD scenery wallpapers

HD scenery wallpapers

HD landscape wallpapers are surely the most popular . Why? Well, in principle because landscapes usually offer us calm, especially if they are in natural environments, sunsets and snow-capped mountains or full of flowers. In the networks you will find countless repositories with landscapes of a thousand and one colors.

You have very varied: snowy mountains, waterfalls, beaches, trees, islands, Nordic landscapes, snowy landscapes or lakes. If you want to download different wallpapers to have them saved and ready to use on your computer, you can directly access the hdfondos.org page.

It is a space from which you will have the option to download wallpapers in different resolutions . Click on the one you like the most and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the resolution that interests you. You can choose from any of the following:

  • 4: 3: 1600 × 1200, 1400 × 1050, 1280 × 960, 1024 × 768 and 800 × 600
  • 16: 9: 2560 × 1440, 1920 × 1080 (1080p), 1600 × 900 and 1280 × 720 (720p)
  • 16:10: 2880 × 1800, 2560 × 1600, 1920 × 1200, 1680 × 1050, 1440 × 900, and 1280 × 800
  • Apple: iPad (not Retina), iPhone 5 / 5S (& iPod), iPhone 4 / 4S / iPod, old iPhone & iPod
  • Blackberry: 360 × 480, 320 × 240
  • Google Android: 720 × 1280, 540 × 960, 480 × 854, 480 × 800 and 320 × 480
  • Netbook: 1366 × 768, 1024 × 600 and 800 × 480
  • Other resolutions: 960 × 544 PS Vita and 480 × 272 PSP
  • Windows Phone 7/8: 768 × 1280, 720 × 1280 and 480 × 800

You have to make sure that the wallpaper you choose adjusts to the characteristics of the screen you have. In principle, the wallpapers that we recommend are for Windows 10, 8 and 7. But you can kill two or three birds with one stone, downloading other backgrounds for different devices, such as laptops, tablets or mobile devices with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

To download the image, choose the one you choose, you can do it by clicking on the Download or Download button. Another thing you can do, and even easier, is to right-click on the image . And choose the Save As option. Select a location to download (you can create a specific folder for wallpapers) and click Save.

If you have opted directly for landscapes, simply click on the Landscapes section. You have more than 600 pages to review, with dozens and dozens of wallpapers ready to download and install on your computer . If you want to speed up your search, we recommend using the options above. And select New, Old, Top Rated, Most Downloaded or from A to Z. You can also search directly by resolution, so you will always find what you are looking for.

Animals and flowers

Animals and flowers

Another star theme is animals and flowers or vegetables in general. If you prefer to bet on this theme, you will also find a good assortment of fauna and flora to install on the screen of your computer or device . You have a frog, a jaguar, a family of lemurs, cats, bears, crocodiles, eagles, giraffes, foxes, polar bears, reindeer or storks. As you can imagine, the variety of HD wallpapers is endless. You will be able to choose almost as many animals as you can find in the animal kingdom.

In the end, you will be able to dive among many other pages, full of professional photos of wild or everyday animals (dogs and cats are the kings of the houses, but also of wallpapers). If you want, you can take a look at this page yourself to find and download the ones you like the most.

The download system is exactly the same that you can apply for the landscape wallpapers . Just choose the one that best suits the screen resolution you need. And ready. Then you can apply said wallpaper to the computer. If you want to download images of animals, access this special Animals section of this page.

What are you one of those who prefer flowers? Well, don't worry, because if there is something you can find a lot on the Internet, it is flower and plant wallpapers . You have a bit of everything: daisies, gerberas, tulips and orchids. You can take a look at dozens and dozens of pages, with flowers of infinite colors and very cheerful petals. If you want to add a touch of color to your desktop background, you cannot miss this proposal.

Cities, neighborhoods and countries

HD images of cities, neighborhoods and countries

City wallpapers is another paradise to explore. Especially for urbanites, lovers of big buildings, skylines and urban landscapes. On this same page we can find an infinity of wallpapers , but on the networks we can find many more.

If you are looking for wallpapers of cities, then we offer you a good assortment of options to download directly. Here you have for you the urban landscapes of the best cities, neighborhoods and countries in the world . We hope they are to your liking: New York, Luzern, Lisbon, Milan, Chicago, Brooklyn, Hamburg, Manhattan, Tibet, Rome, Monaco, Santorini, Dresden, Toledo, Prague, Moscow, Havana, London, Florence, Paris, Osaka , Madrid, Czech Republic, Venice, Riga or Stockholm.

You will see that there are majestic landscapes by day and impressive views at night. You will also find repeated places, but seen from different perspectives. If you are looking for something specific, we recommend that you use the search engine on any fund page and write, for example, “Barcelona”. In this way, finding the wallpaper you want will be much easier.

Here are 5,000+ city-specific wallpapers. Here you can find photos to install on the wallpaper of your computer, with views of the most important monuments in the world.

love wallpaper 4K

Love wallpapers in HD

That you are in love and you need love to be present everywhere, even on the computer? Well, you will not have any problem either, because on the networks you will also find hundreds and hundreds of images related to love. You can take advantage of them to celebrate Valentine's Day or to commemorate the years you have been with your partner. Or you can also let the love stamps flood your life at any time of the year.

You will see that you can download hearts made of wood, plastic, drawn in the sand, in the shape of a walnut or in lollipops. You can also find them in pill format, as sunglasses or as cups of an appetizing mid-afternoon coffee. What you have at your disposal, now related to love, are a good number of wallpapers with hearts as protagonists. You will find the most fun and sweetened proposals. Those kinds of images that don't seem silly at all when you're in love.

Here you have almost 1,000 very varied backgrounds, all related to love. But if you don't have enough with these, you can also take a look at this section on Pinterest. You will find very interesting ideas.

Boats, trucks, planes, motorcycles, HD images

Boats, trucks, planes, motorcycles, HD images

Fans of boats, planes, trucks and motorcycles also have their place in the world of wallpapers . On the networks we can find quite a few images of this genre, so you only have to dive between these categories. In the aviation section, you will find a good number of types of aircraft: war, commercial, military, and so on.

Same with trucks. In the event that you really like trucks, you should know that here you can download a little of everything. The images are of superb quality , so all you have to do is make sure you download them in the correct resolution.

In the ships section, you will see cruise ships, warships and many other modalities, including the most picturesque little boats, which will give a fresh touch to your computer. Remember that within this page you can also dive between pages and more pages of cars, being able to locate an infinity of models , both current utility vehicles, vintage vehicles or very high-end cars.

In this case, as in all the others, we recommend that you specifically use the search engine . In this way, you can always quickly locate the model that interests you the most. And you won't have to waste time if you can't find what really interests you.

Food Pictures for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Food Pictures for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Food is one of our downfalls. How about a succulent dessert with red berries? And some pancakes with caramel? In this repository with food images, you will find all kinds of dishes. So if you are passionate about food or if you work in the gastronomy sector, here is a good excuse to cheer up your eyes with delicious delicacies.

Most of the images are captured in superb quality , so when you install them on your computer's desktop background, it will almost feel like you can grab and taste them. We especially liked the following: blueberries, smoothies, red peppers, coffee and crusaders, fluffy croissants, chocolate with clouds or cream cake with red berries.

You also have an appetizing roast chicken, a salmon teriyaki, toast and fried eggs, Easter eggs, cinnamon buns, sausages with tomato sauce, meat with vegetables, red caviar and even colored sushi. The possibilities are endless, so we recommend you keep savoring the dozens and dozens of pages that you have at your disposal. You have about a hundred, ready to download with dozens of images inside. 

And in case with all this you don't have enough, we recommend you access Pixabay. There you will also find countless quality images related to food. And ready to install on your desktop.

ariana grande wallpaper

Photos of famous men and women as wallpaper

Can you imagine having the face of your favorite actor or actress on your computer screen? Well, imagine it no more, because we have just found just what you need. A special section of famous men and famous women, from which you can download very well made photos of the biggest celebrities in the world.

In the case of girls, you have super celebrities like Ariana Grande, Lauren Cohan, Rebbeca Ferguson, Olivia Wilde, Alison Brie, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer López, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie or Taylor Swift .

Most of the images you'll see here are part of promotional campaigns for these artists. So they all have great resolution. And they are ready to be set on your screen as your desktop background. Just make sure you download them in the most correct resolution. In this way you will enjoy the photo of your favorite actress or singer in all its splendor.

But, let's now take a look at the photos that are included in this repository of male celebrities . Guys who are world famous since more than one and one will want to download to install as wallpaper on your computer.

Some of the most famous we have found are: Chris Pine, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Edward Norton, Cotton Haynes, Dwayne Johnson, Johnny Deep, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas , Leonardo Dicaprio or Hugh Jackman. There is nothing. Take a look at the Men category to find the one you like best.

Whether you want to download a girl or a boy , we recommend using the search engine again. Indicate here the name of your favorite and in the results you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Macro images for download

Macro images for download

Are you a fan of photography? Do you like images with great detail? Well, in that case, you may have to take a look at this collection of macro images to download . How about some colored pencils? And some ladybugs perched on some green leaves? We have also found many cactus flowers.

But within this collection of macro photos you have a good number of options, most of them related to nature. And it is that the views, in macro, on animals and plants are always very impressive.

But what exactly are macro photos? Macro photography or macrophotography is a branch of photography that is characterized by something very specific. As you already know, "macro" means large. In these cases, the images feature subjects that appear large. Same as in real life or even more. And how do we know? Well, if a drop of water appears in the image with its original size or larger , we will be facing a macro photograph.

It is a technique that allows us to capture the beauty of little things. And this is in almost all places. Macro photography is useful because it enhances the beauty of any captured subject. It does not matter whether it is an object, an animal or a plant. Although in the end, when used in living species, its splendor is much greater.

In fact, macro photography is used in the artistic branch. But it is also used for biology studies. And the thing is that the images give us a very different perspective than what we can see with the naked eye in animals and plants.

If you want to add a macro photo to your wallpaper, you will only have to dive between these pages. You will see that there are countless proposals, especially inspired by nature. And with animals and plants as protagonists. In some cases you will also see objects, such as colors, paints, coins, bills, jewelry or crystals.

Sports & Games wallpaper

Images to download of Sports and Games

Are you a lover of any particular sport? If the answer is yes, it is clear that a new world opens for you in the field of wallpapers. And it is that in the network you will also find infinite proposals related to all the sports there and to be.

We talk about wallpapers or desktop of all winter sports you can imagine (snowboarding, skiing, snowskate, mountaineering ”¦), football, basketball, motorcycling, Formula 1, sailing, tennis, darts, cycling, ice hockey, etc. It doesn't matter what your favorite sport is, because in this collection you will find practically everything.

We recommend you dive a little in the sports section . If you can't find the sport you're interested in the first time, do a search to find it. You will see how fast.

But beware, if you are one of those who prefer to play seated, you also have a dedicated section. It is the Games section, which includes images to install on your computer's wallpaper, related to the world of video games . You will find almost all the games that you propose, because it is one of the most numerous sections of this site. Search your favorite game to find the images that interest you.

Christmas, Halloween and seasons wallpapers

Christmas, Halloween and the seasons wallpapers

The holidays are coming. Halloween will be here shortly.  But it is that in just a couple of months, we will have Christmas here . And nothing better to set our day-to-day life than adding a suitable wallpaper for each season or event of the year.

We have found a good number of Christmas related wallpapers. In addition, the wallpapers for the new year 2018 may soon appear on this same page. Meanwhile, you can already download countless snowy landscapes, Christmas balls and trees, snowmen, stars and other decorations.

But if at the moment you want to set your computer more for Halloween , here is another collection with more than 700 wallpapers related to this party. You will find pumpkins, candles, ghosts, cats, witches, graveyards and a lot of haunted things.

Winter, spring, summer, fall and… winter again! The seasons of the year mark our habits and customs. They are important, inasmuch as time and seasonal changes condition our life. That is why you may be interested in adding the seasons to your desktop background. We have found a good number of wallpapers related to autumn: here you have more than 900 backgrounds with leaves, trees and autumn landscapes in the sea of ​​idyllic ones. All inspired by the basic colors of autumn: yellow, brown, green and red.

These landscapes are so winter you will catch cold . You will see that there is snow, a lot of ice and trees without a single leaf. All you have to do to enjoy them on your computer is download them in the correct format. And ready.

And the rest for the other two remaining stations. If you want to fill your computer with flowers, bees, green leaves, birds and other spring details , it's already taking time to download these more than 100 wallpapers for spring.

For the summer , you will find beaches, umbrellas, flip flops, ice cream, sun loungers and other items related to summer. Here you have more than 400 wallpapers or desktop wallpapers to download and install on your computer.

install a new wallpaper

How to install a new wallpaper in Windows

You may have already downloaded the HD images that you like . Now you just have to take one last step: install it as a wallpaper on your computer. The truth is that it is a very easy step, both in Windows 10, as in Windows 7 or 8. The fastest way to do it is the following:

1. Access the folder in which you have the images or HD wallpapers stored . We have saved them on the desktop, but you can access any of the folders in which you have decided to save them.

2. Next, click with the mouse on the image that interests you. Do it with the right button, so that the classic options menu is activated. You have to select Set as desktop background . The image will automatically install on your desktop wallpaper.

3. Keep one thing in mind. When downloading the image, you have to take its resolution into account. This is an indication that will help you to better adapt the wallpaper and enjoy yourself, because this is new purpose, HD wallpaper. If you are not sure which resolution to choose, we recommend taking a look at the next section. It sure helps you.

screen resolution

How to know what screen resolution to use

Use the appropriate resolution for each screen is important . Because this will help us to have all the quality that corresponds to us. And we will avoid misplacing or misbehaving these funds. You have no idea what screen resolution your computer has? Well, very easy.

Access the page What is my screen resolution? and the system will take care of indicating the exact resolution you are using. What a eye, it may not be the exact resolution of your screen. At this point we must remind you that it is always advisable to use the native resolution. 


If you want to know the screen resolution of your computer, click on any point on the desktop with the right button of the mouse. Choose the Display Settings option and then go to the Display section . Here you should locate the recommended resolution. Which will logically be the one on your screen.

In the event that you have not touched anything during all this time, most likely you have the native resolution set. If you have no problem with seeing the smaller icons, your eyesight will appreciate it. Because the definition will be higher, you will have more space and the quality of the images will be higher. 

When downloading new wallpapers, what do you have to keep in mind? Well, these have, at least, the recommended resolution, which is that of your monitor. If it is higher, you will not have problems either and you can benefit from an absolutely clear vision.