So you can make uTorrent download faster

So you can make uTorrent download faster

uTorrent is the most used program today to download all kinds of files from Torrent networks. It is an application that works quite well in its default configuration, but we can always make some adjustments to improve its download performance. In this post we show you how you can configure uTorrent to download faster .

The first step we need to do is download and install the uTorrent program. It is a totally free application that we can obtain from the project's official website.

The installation process is very simple, although you should pay attention, since the program will also try to install two additional programs that we are not interested in in this case.

When the download is complete as uTorrent it will start immediately showing an interface like the following.

configure utorent to download faster 3

Once the program is working, we can continue with our guide of the best tricks to speed up downloads with uTorrent.

Allocate all available bandwidth

All Internet connections have limited bandwidth. If you have a large number of applications consuming bandwidth, overall performance may drop dramatically.

That is why the main file download programs have a function to limit the amount of bandwidth that the program consumes. The objective of this function is to prevent the download of files from affecting the speed of your Internet connection when you perform other tasks such as browsing or watching streaming movies.

However, limiting the bandwidth uTorrent can use will inevitably slow down your downloads. Therefore, the first thing you should do if you want to speed up downloads with uTorrent, is to check that the program does not have any limitations when it comes to using bandwidth.

To do this, you just need to right-click on the file you are downloading . A new menu will open, in which you must select the options that we show you in the following image.

Allocate all available bandwidth

Concentrate important downloads

Another very important feature of uTorrent that you should always keep in mind is that the program allows you to download several files at the same time.

For them, if you want your files to download as quickly as possible, you should reduce the number of simultaneous downloads as much as possible . It may even be a good idea to download files one at a time, to enjoy maximum speed.

Eliminate speed limits

Before we have explained how you can increase the bandwidth available when downloading a file, so that it downloads faster. However, uTorrent also has an option to limit the bandwidth generally available .

You can do it in a very simple way by going to the " Options " tab and then entering " Preferences ".

Eliminate speed limits 1

Now you need to access the " Bandwidth " section and check that there is no limit on download connections. We leave you an image with the settings that you must apply.

Eliminate speed limits 2

Start uTorrent with your computer

Finally, there is a very interesting option that allows us to bring the uTorrent program closer to startup when we turn on our computer. You will find another option within the " General " section of the same "Preferences" menu that we have seen before.

Start uTorrent with your computer

Here ends our guide to the best tricks to speed up downloads with uTorrent, we hope it will be very useful