10 cheap kitchen robots that do -almost- the same as the Thermomix

10 cheap kitchen robots that do -almost- the same as the Thermomix

No one can deny that kitchen robots have found a place in the houses of half the world. True allies of the kitchen. Boasted by some, despised by others, the truth is that these devices have a series of virtues that are well worth knowing .

Virtues that, of course, we find in their maximum expression with the famous Thermomix, with a whole legion of followers behind it who do nothing but praise its qualities. It seems that this device is capable of turning us into a Michelin-class chef with the push of two buttons. But of course, its hefty price is not available to everyone .

Therefore, today we propose 10 very cheap models that you can find right now on any surface, and with a more than acceptable quality standard. Obviously, they will not be the same as the Thermomix, but you will not have to mortgage for life to get one. Let's see what options are on the market.


Taurus Master Cuisine

An easy-to-use equipment that will not take up too much space in your kitchen . With this model we can make all kinds of dishes such as rice, pasta, desserts, soups, sauces and much more.

It has a timer so you don't have to be on the lookout at all times. In addition, you can keep your dishes at the right temperature until it is time to consume them even after several hours.

Finally, it also comes with a guide with more than 100 available recipes and an online community where you can share your creations.

You can find it in PcComponentes for 71 euros.


Moulinex Maxichef Advanced

A cheap model with all the security that a brand like Moulinex can give us. It has up to 45 cooking programs to cook with or without a lid safely and very easily thanks to its LCD panel .

It is available on the Media Markt for 88 euros.

Redmond RMC-M90E

Redmond RMC-M90E

We now turn to a programmable pot from the Redmond brand, one of the most sophisticated and innovative manufacturers on the market . This model will hardly take up space in your kitchen, and it includes several cooking functions to prepare pasta, soups, paella, all kinds of rice and even yogurt if we feel like it.

It incorporates a touch panel where we can choose between its multiple functions and available settings , such as the type of cooking or simply to set the timer.

You will find it easily available in the official Redmond store for Spain for a value of 100 euros. A real bargain for the service it offers .


Cecotec Mambo

Another of the most economical multifunction kitchen robots on the market, although it heads the most expensive references in this list). It comes equipped with 23 functions that simulate (almost) all cooking techniques and that will allow us to prepare countless dishes. In addition, it is accompanied by a book with 115 recipes in case we run out of ideas.

It sports a very sober and elegant design , as well as being highly intuitive in terms of its operation. We can easily customize all the parameters of each function to our liking, being able to program the speeds, temperature degree, etc.

It can be yours for only 195 euros through Amazon.


Cookeo CE7041 by Moulinex

Moulinex Cookeo CE704 is a programmable pot that has four menu modes, 100 pre-programmed recipes and up to 6 cooking programs, in addition to keeping it warm , so that the food does not get cold.

Moulinex's second entry on this list is justified by  its high-temperature pressure cooking system with which we can cook delicious dishes in record time.

You have it available on Amazon for a price of 169 euros.

Bosch AutoCook

Bosch AutoCook

This programmable pot has a capacity of 5 liters and releases a  power of 1,200W , which is more than enough to prepare all kinds of dishes. Made of stainless steel, it has advanced induction technology, which will make any cooking faster.

Its price amounts to 189 euros on the El Corte Inglés website, which places it at the top of this list.


Redmond SkyCooker M800S-E

Another model from the Redmond brand. Made of stainless steel, it has a capacity of 5 liters, and a power of 860W to cook, fry or steam multiple dishes of our choice.

As a highlight, this reference incorporates Ready For Sky technology , with which we can handle the device from anywhere. In addition, with the mobile application “Ready For Sky” we can turn the robot off and on, select the desired cooking program, or change the temperature at any time during the preparation of the dish.

Redmond SkyCooker M800S-E is available for 140 euros on Amazon.


Cecotec IronMix

The Cecotec IronMix kitchen robot has a power of 1500W and 3.3 liters of capacity, which is perfect if you are a group of 4-5 people .

It comes with 22 cooking functions , in addition to a series of quite useful features such as the Turbo Boost mode that sprays at full speed to make slushies, or the Low Gear Technology system, to cook at low temperatures.

This Cecotec model with Iron Mix technology can be found on Amazon for 170 euros.


Aigostar Golden Lion 30HGY

This multifunction food processor has 11 programmable modes to prepare whatever you want with the press of a button. All of these modes are easily accessible through its quick access screen.

Aigostar Golden Lion 30HGY can be yours for a price of 70 euros.


Prixton 900W

We close the list with this model of the Prixton brand with a  power of 900W, and a capacity of 5 liters . Finished in stainless steel, it includes 6 cooking modes with which we can do almost everything. We will only have to put the necessary ingredients, program according to the recipe and set the time to eat. Fast and easy.

Prixton 900W is available for 80 euros from its official website.

So far our list with 10 cheap kitchen machines. If you have not yet acquired a food processor, you already have a choice.