▷ How to use Google Docs documents offline without internet connection

use google docs offline

Google Docs, Google Documents, Google Documents ... Google's office automation application is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Word due to its large number of options and free of charge. The problem with this is that, as with the rest of Google office applications, it requires an Internet connection to use its functions. Luckily, the manufacturer offers the possibility of using Google Docs offline without connection and without Internet , and today we will show you how to use Google Docs without Internet connection.

Google Chrome extension to use Google Docs offline

To use Google Documents without Internet we will have to resort to the Google Documents extension offline, which is only compatible with the Google Chrome browser.

We can download it through this link in the Chrome Store, and once we have installed it, we can now use Google Docs offline without Internet through Google Chrome . As simple as clicking on this link (or accessing docs.google.com) and all the documents hosted in Google Drive that we have previously saved will automatically appear.

Of course, we can create and edit documents as we please without being connected to the network, although some functions that require the Internet will be limited for obvious reasons. Aspects such as text translation, Google Docs plugins or some functions related to graphics and drawings can only be used in the web version with the Internet.

How to work with Google Drive documents offline

In order for the documents in our Google Drive account to be constantly synchronized with our computer once we have made any changes to them, we will have to enable the use of Drive offline .

The way to proceed in this case is as simple as clicking on this link from our Drive account and enabling the option to "Synchronize Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Drawings files with this computer to edit them offline."

google docs offline

From now on, any document that varies in Google Drive will be stored in the cache of our computer to edit them later offline.

How to use Google Docs documents offline on mobile (Android and iOS)

If what we want is to use Google Docs without Internet on a mobile, Android or iOS, the process is very similar to that followed in the web version.

With the application installed on our mobile, we will access it and slide the main menu to the right to click on Settings .

google docs offline

Later we will click on Activate access without Internet connection and Transfer only by Wi-Fi to activate synchronization without connection and through Wi-Fi networks. Ready! We can now create and edit documents without the Internet and without any limitation per document, beyond those mentioned above.

How to use Google Drive offline on mobile

Following the same philosophy as in the web version of Google Drive, to work directly from the application without connection with Google documents we will have to enable the option in each of the documents .

To do this, we will enter Google Drive through our phone and click on the three Options points in the document in which we want to work offline. Then we will give you to Activate offline access .

google documents offline

It will automatically be transferred to the Google Docs application to work offline.