PolyStation 3, a more fake console than a three euro bill

If mobile phones don't get rid of cheap knockoffs, next-generation game consoles aren't going to be out of hand either. The PolyStation have been mimicking Sony platforms for some years now , and the PlayStation 3 already has its own crappy clone. In this video you can admire her inside and out. Good grief, it even has alkaline batteries!


This type of deception is nothing new. It all started in the eighties with the first imitations of the 8-bit Nintendo NES , more popularly known as Famiclon (in a subtle reference to the name under which the NES was sold in Japan: Famicom ), and which in Spain was sold with names like NASA , at a much lower price than the console they imitated.

But man, at least those old knockoffs had their point. They used cartridges traced to those of the NES , with the difference that they included hundreds of games instead of one. In addition, they also supported the cartridges of the original console. But this PolyStatiton 3 gives us that it does not carry either the Blu-ray reader or the Cell chip. It will be that we are left with the PlayStation 3 for 10 euros .

Via: engadget