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your expert RecommendMusic on demand in every room of the house. The American company Sonos is one of the reference brands in audio equipment for home use, thanks to a series of very interesting functions such as the possibility of combining several self-powered speakers and connecting them to a WiFi network to generate a musical thread in all rooms of home. Songs from Spotify, Deezer, music that we have stored on our PC or mobile, stations from all over the world ... Everything fits in the Sonos intelligent music system .

To be able to create a domestic background music in a few steps, all you need is an Internet connection through a WiFi router, a set of Sonos speakers configured to connect to that network, and a specific application to control the entire system from your smartphone. In addition, the brand has numerous accessories and adapters that allow the incorporation of speakers from other brands to the integrated network of piped music.

In any case, in homes where the WiFi signal does not reach all corners easily, it may be advisable to install signal amplifiers to ensure that all the speakers connect to the wireless network without problems.

An application to create musical threads from your smartphone

The control application for Sonos sound equipment and devices can be installed on mobile devices ( iOS or Android ) or on computers (both PC and Mac) and allows you to manage the set of speakers that are connected to the home wireless network.

Thanks to this remote control, the speakers can be programmed to play music files stored on the smartphone or music threads from streaming services, such as our favorite playlists on Spotify .

Sonos app

One of the main advantages of this system is the total integration and coordination of the speakers: it is not necessary to turn them on or activate them one by one, since, once configured and connected to the Internet through the WiFi network, they will be synchronized in a coordinated manner. through the mobile application or the computer.

On the other hand, if we do not want to create the same background music for all the rooms of the house, we can select a more personalized configuration in the program, so that different songs sound in different rooms, and even with different volumes. This means that, from a single control center, children's favorite music can be activated in the children's room while Spotify playlists play in the living room, for example. And if you need a bit of silence in the house, all you have to do is stop the audio playback on all computers, something that can be done directly from the smartphone.

In addition, Sonos is able to adjust all the parameters of each speaker automatically, thanks to the Trueplay function available in the application. Trueplay analyzes in detail the acoustic conditions of the specific place where the loudspeaker is located: both the room as a whole and the specific corner in which it is located. If the acoustic conditions change, this function of the app would also make the necessary adjustments to continue offering the best possible audio from the position of that speaker.

Wide variety of speakers for all needs


Another advantage of the Sonos system is the wide variety of speakers available, which adapt to the different needs and conditions of each room or each space: they differ in design, dimensions and acoustic specifications.

Here we detail the characteristics of some of the most important speakers in the Sonos PLAY line . One of their most valuable characteristics is that they are self-powered equipment, as we will detail in the following lines.

Sonos PLAY: 1 (230 euros)

Sonos PLAY: 1

This speaker is the simplest of the brand, and is designed to cover basic audio needs or to create more complex sets if several are used simultaneously. It is a compact speaker, small in size (measuring 161.45 mm long x 119.7 mm wide x 119.7 mm thick) and very light (weighing only 1.85 kg).

It is characterized by a fairly discreet design, available in black or white with a metal grill. Inside it incorporates two very light class D amplifiers responsible for the movement of the two speakers that make up PLAY: 1 .

Sonos PLAY: 3 (350 euros)

Sonos PLAY: 3

Sonos PLAY: 3 is quite similar to the PLAY: 1 model , but it is capable of offering a more powerful sound because, in addition to two midrange speakers, it has a tweeter and a passive radiator that offers more defined and deeper bass .

In any case, it is still a fairly compact audio system, ideal for use as a tabletop speaker. The equipment measures 132mm x 268mm x 160mm and weighs 2.6kg. It can be purchased in black or white .

Sonos SUB (800 euros)

Sonos SUB

This subwoofer from Sonos allows you to optimize the sound conditions of the Playbar system  , which we will talk about later. The SUB equipment can also be combined with other Sonos speakers , such as the aforementioned PLAY: 1 or PLAY: 3 , or integrated into a Home Cinema  system  together with two Sonos PLAY: 1 speakers to provide a surround sound effect.

Sonos Playbar (800 euros)

This bar measures 90 cm wide and is the perfect Sonos option to integrate into Home Cinema equipment : it connects with fiber optic cable and allows the sound of the TV to be amplified thanks to a powerful interior. Specifically, it incorporates six midrange and bass drivers and three tweeters for the treble, all of which are powered by class D amplifiers.

At the same as the other teams, the bar Playbar of Sonos can be controlled wirelessly with the mobile application as it is equipped with port and WiFi network connection.


Sonos PLAY: 5 of 2016, the brand's flagship speaker

This year 2016, Sonos has decided to renew its flagship speaker in its range of wireless sound equipment: the Sonos PLAY: 5 model . It is the most powerful device in the series, but still offers a fairly compact and lightweight design for ease of use. In this way, it can be placed anywhere in the house, even on shelves.

The team PLAY: 5 of Sonos has six digital amplifiers coupled to six different speakers that offer high - quality audio (regardless of whether they are voices, sounds or severe acute sounds). In addition, the sound that is emitted is very clean, without audible distortion even with music at full volume.

Sonos PLAY: 5 2016

The combination of these six speakers - three tweeters and three midrange and bass speakers - with the six Class D amplifiers creates good sound throughout the room. Additionally, with two Sonos PLAY : 5 units , you can configure a separate left channel and right channel capable of working as a stereo pair for a much more immersive audio experience.

All available engineering for sound reproduction in the loudspeaker is digital: both active equalization and filter adjustments and time alignment are carried out digitally , using modern DSP circuitry to avoid loss of audio or power in the process.

Cool Features and Options on Sonos PLAY: 5 of 2016

Sonos Play 5 of 2016

  • You can combine a SUB speaker with two PLAY: 5 equipment to the 5.1 Home Cinema system to achieve a totally immersive sound experience when watching movies and series.
  • The audio levels corresponding to audios and treble can be configured manually to obtain the best results according to the type of sound that we are going to reproduce. In the case of distributing several equipment in different rooms , we can also set a different volume for each speaker, for example.
  • Sonos PLAY: 5 supports the Trueplay tuning  system in the app, so audio options can be tailored to the acoustic conditions of each room.
  • The configuration of the equipment is simple and requires a few steps: you just have to place the speaker in the area of ​​the house where we want to use it and connect it to the WiFi network using the Sonos control application . This software displays simple on-screen instructions to make the installation process quick and easy, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.
  • The Sonos PLAY: 5 equipment can expand its possibilities when combined with other wireless PLAY: 5 speakers at home, either to create a musical thread with the same sound throughout the house or to create different environments by playing different music in each room .
  • Additionally, the Sonos system regularly receives software updates for enhancements, and they are installed automatically. Whenever a new version is available for the device , Sonos will send a notification to advise, and it will be only necessary to press a button for  PLAY: 5 to  automatically update to the latest version of software available.

The Sonos PLAY: 5  audio system has a touch interface to control music directly from the speaker: just touch that surface to adjust the volume, or slide your finger on the panel to advance to the next song or go back to the previous one . The speaker is neither waterproof nor water resistant, but it does withstand high levels of ambient humidity, so it can be placed inside the bathroom to listen to music while you shower.

This PLAY: 5 sound system, Sonos' most powerful and feature- rich speaker , is on sale in Spain for a price of  580 euros .

Accessories and adapters for Hi-Fi equipment

Sonos Connect Amp

If you already have a high-definition sound system at home, you can also configure the speakers to incorporate them into the house music with Sonos . The brand offers a Connect receiver (400 euros) to send the audio information from the speaker to an auxiliary input of the Sonos equipment , and a Connect: Amp adapter (580 euros)  that, in addition to fulfilling this function, allows adding a connected stereo amplifier directly to any hi-fi speaker.

Wide variety of music available

The Sonos audio system , as we have already mentioned, connects to the Internet and to the computer or smartphone to be able to play music from many different sources. On the other hand, integrated into a  home cinema system , it is a good ally of the television because it allows generating a good experience of high quality surround sound.

The music options available are very numerous:

  • Sonos has a number of free Internet radio stations preloaded: the total exceeds 100,000 stations and podcasts and shows of all kinds can also be accessed at no cost. The search function of the system allows you to search for stations by keywords.
  • The Sonos software is also compatible with the main music streaming services over the Internet, such as Spotify , Deezer , Pandora , SoundCloud , Google Play Music or Apple Music .
  • You can also play music directly from an MP3 player, CD or other equipment in the house, or even send music in streaming from Apple mobile devices ( iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch ). The Sonos system wirelessly plays iTunes music directly from these devices .
  • It is possible to play music from the Internet directly through the application, without having to turn on the computer or transfer the songs from one disc to another to have them downloaded to the smartphone.
  • In any room with a PC , Mac or NAS (Internet Connected Storage) device, music can be played on the same home network. Sonos can play music from up to 16 different devices, and is compatible with the most widely used audio formats.

On the other hand, in the case of the PLAY: 5 equipment , when connected to a Bridge or Boost player , the Ethernet port on the back of the speaker can be used to offer Internet connectivity to the cable box, the computer, the hard disk of the network or to a console, for example.

Sonos PLAY: 5

ModelSonos PLAY: 5
TypeWireless player


Available coloursBlack chassis
Dimensions203 í— 364 í— 154 millimeters
Weight6.36 kg approx


Amplification Six Class D amplifiers
SpeakersSix speaker system

3 x woofers

3 x tweeters

Supported streaming servicesSpotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music, Napster, 7Digital, TuneIn, SoundCloud, Mixcloud
Local musicPlaying music stored locally on Android or iOS devices (iTunes)

Playing music stored on NAS devices

Play music stored on PC or Mac

Supported audio formatsMP3, iTunes Plus, WMA (including purchased Windows Media downloads), AAC (MPEG4), AAC +, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC (lossless)

Compatible sample rates of 44.1

Additional support for 48 kHz, 32 kHz, 24 kHz, 22 kHz, 16 kHz, 11 kHz, and 8 kHz sample rates

Extra featuresAbility to connect with another Sonos Play for 2 channels of audio

Ability to connect with two Sonos Plays to create a home theater system

Provides Internet connectivity for set-top boxes via Ethernet port


Physical connections1 x Ethernet

1 x current input

Wireless ports Wifi


ComputerWindows, Mac
Mobile devicesAndroid App

App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Features  Playing music on the device

Music streaming playback (web services)

Internet radio stations

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteSonos

Price: 580 euros