5 tips to lower the temperature of your PC in summer

5 tips to lower the temperature of your PC in summer

Summer has arrived, and with it the time when computers suffer the most from the heat they produce. Overheating can be the main enemy of a PC, to the point of damaging it irreparably. We offer you 5 tips to lower the temperature of your PC in summer .

Place it in a ventilated area

put the pc in a ventilated area

Many desks have an area in which to place the PC tower , and many of them even have a door to prevent it from being seen. You may be thinking that it is something great to improve the aesthetics of your room if you have a PC that looks ugly, but it has a big drawback.

PCs need to have a flow of air around them to prevent heat from accumulating, placing it in an area where fresh air does not reach it is a serious mistake. If your PC gets very hot, put it in a place where it has much cooler air, this way you will improve the internal air flow and prevent the heat from stagnating.

Clean the dust

cleaning dust pc

This is another point that is often very neglected. You bought a PC five years ago and have never opened it, it is very likely that when you open it you will be in for a rather unpleasant surprise. Computers tend to accumulate a lot of dust inside them , to the point of preventing the air from the heatsink fan from circulating through the fins of the heatsink fan.

Open and PC and clean all the dust that is inside , you can help yourself with a brush and a can of compressed air. What we don't recommend doing is blowing, as the moisture from saliva can damage delicate electronic components.

Change the thermal paste

Change the thermal paste

Thermal paste ensures that the base of the heatsink makes good contact with the processor . Its texture is quite thick and viscous, which allows it to seal all the pores and imperfections on the surface of both the heatsink and the processor.

The problem is that thermal paste dries out over time and loses its properties . Therefore it is advisable to change it at least once every two years. If your PC is a few years old and you have never changed it, it will surely have become a dry cement and unable to transfer heat well.

Thermal paste is cheap , you can buy a high quality product for less than 8 euros.

Buy a better heatsink

change heatsink

The heatsink is an essential component for maintaining good health in a computer. This piece looks very simple, but it is in charge of cooling the processor, thus preventing it from burning due to overheating.

AMD and Intel offer a heatsink alongside most of their processors, but it's a very basic heatsink that will fall short in the summer months, especially if you live in a very hot area. You can buy much better heatsinks for just 30 euros.

Add fans

Add fans

In addition to the heatsink, computers usually have several fans inside. These are responsible for taking the hot air out of the equipment , thus preventing a hot air pocket from forming at the top.

Unfortunately, many pre-assembled computers do not come with additional fans , or the ones that are included are of very poor quality. In addition, for years more emphasis has been placed on colorful lights than on the quality of the fans, which is a serious mistake.

Noctua offers us many high-quality fans , they are a very safe bet to improve the health of our PC and that it will last us for many years.

These are the 5 best tips to avoid PC overheating problems in the summer, we hope you find it very useful.