How to buy tickets for the Film Festival online

How to buy tickets for the Film Festival 1 online

Gone are the days when we had to wait in a huge queue to buy movie tickets. Now, even during the already typical Film Festival, we can buy our tickets online. If you still do not have your accreditation, we will indicate all the steps to follow to obtain it. If you already have it, don't wait any longer: buy your ticket for your favorite movie now and don't queue. Here's how to buy tickets for the Film Festival online. It's very simple: in just a couple of minutes you will have them in your email.

Buy your ticket for the Film Festival online

First, you have to enter the website of the cinema you want to go to. Make sure that this cinema is included in the promotion. On the official website of the Film Festival you have the complete list. When you know that, indeed, the film is being screened in a cinema that is part of the promotion, you can now buy your ticket. Each cinema has its own system, with its own external link to the purchase page. The process is very similar in all cases. Here we will give you an example: the steps are not going to be excessively different.

First, choose the movie you want to see. At the end of the article we will propose a good handful of tapes with which you can enjoy these three days of the Film Festival. In the film file, where the schedules appear, generally in each of them you will find an external link to buy the ticket. Click on the time you want to attend and it will send you to the corresponding ticket sales page.

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If the session is numbered, you must choose the preferred seat. If, on the contrary, the tickets are unnumbered, simply indicate the number of them you want to buy. If you look closely, the ticket price will be 2.90 euros . The discount is already automatically implemented. Even so, make sure you have the accreditation on your mobile, if it is required at the box office. Don't forget that this is a promotion with requirements.

Now, all you have to do is enter the card number and make the purchase. The tickets will arrive at your email address and you can print them or leave them on your device. Once at the box office they will proceed to scan. Ready, you have nothing else to do. Just enjoy the movie.

Some recommendations for the Film Festival

The billboard is full of proposals for all tastes. From the terror, hand in hand with the sequel to Annabelle. A movie full of scares that will delight teenage audiences and lovers of strong emotions ... and dolls that give bad vibes. If we follow sequels in the world, Blade Runner 2049 is a bet with an author scent. Risky, slow-tempo science fiction, with fascinating visuals that have nothing to envy the original.

If you prefer the national cinema, you can go see the surprise movie of the season. Based on a musical theater play by the same directors, La Llamada is about a couple of friends in a Catholic camp who love electrolatino above all else. One fine day, God appears to one of them. And he happens to be a huge Withney Houston fan.

For lovers of auteur cinema we have 'A Fantastic Woman' , a film directed by Sebastián Leilo and which may earn its leading actress an Oscar nomination, thus becoming the first transsexual woman in history to compete for the big Hollywood awards .