You can now request the accreditation of the Film Festival

You can now request the accreditation of the Film Festival

We love going to the movies, but sometimes the tickets are so expensive that we can't afford it. At least not as much as we would like. For this reason, for some time now, theaters decided to create a 'Film Festival' in which, for three days, viewers could enjoy first-run films at a very special price . And as many as they would like to see in the same day. They simply had to register on the official page of the Film Festival, giving their personal data and email, receiving an accreditation in exchange. This card was presented in theaters and, at the moment, without cheating or cardboard, the viewer could see the movie they wanted for a price of 3 euros.

Film Festival: tickets at 3 euros

This year, the long-awaited Film Festival has a new appointment on October 16, 17 and 18. If you want to both renew and request your accreditation for the first time, you can do so directly on the official website of the event. First, make sure that there are rooms associated with the promotion in your city. On the same page you have at your disposal the complete list of cinemas.

If you have previously requested an accreditation for the Film Festival, you will not have to enter all the data again. The whole process is very simple and you have it perfectly explained on your website. Also, if you prefer, with an email address you can even register groups of 10 people. To do this, you only have to request the accreditation for groups. When buying tickets, you have two options, just like the rest of the days. You can buy it directly at the box office or, if you prefer not to queue and make the process faster, buy them directly on the Internet.

So now you know: take advantage of the next 16, 17 and 18 to see those movies that you have pending and share with loved ones the magic of an event such as cinema. And at a price you won't be able to resist.