How to use the Huawei P30 as a modem or as a WiFi zone

How to use the Huawei P30 as a modem or as a WiFi zone

Today our mobile is a Swiss Army knife, especially if you have a high-end mobile like the Huawei P30. Many of us will not use most of the options that the smartphone hides, but there is a function that can give us a lot of play. We are talking about the option of converting the phone into a modem to share the Internet connection via WiFi through various devices -smartphones, tablets, laptops ... - or use the connection directly with your laptop via cable. The first option is quite visible, but the second is more hidden in the Huawei settings menu and can go unnoticed. We tell you in a few steps how to configure the two options on the Huawei P30.

huawei p30 pro wifi zone

Create a WiFi zone with the Huawei P30

It is the more accessible function of the two. So much so that you have it by default in the form of an icon in the notification panel itself (by default, the most icon on the right of the first row). To configure the WiFi zone, just go to the Settings menu , Wireless and networks and Personal Wi-Fi zone .

The Device Name option is not only interesting to personalize the equipment and locate the WiFi network that you are going to create; It is also the name that you will see when you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct with other gadgets. Second, you have a section to configure the password. Within Connected devices you can see the devices that are sucking the mobile data from the Huawei P30. From here you can choose the computers that will be part of a black list , in case someone is stealing your data or you do not want them to connect to your network again.

huawei-p30-pro usb dock

Connect the Huawei P30 via cable

The other option you have is to directly connect the Huawei P30 via cable to a laptop or tablet . In this case, you can only use that device to surf the web. It has two advantages. On the one hand, the mobile will charge at the same time as it connects to the network. On the other hand, it is a mode that uses less data than the WiFi zone.

To activate this option, in addition to having the Huawei P30 connected via a USB cable to the PC, you have to click on the More button in the personal WiFi zone menu and then click on “Anchor via USB”. If everything is correct and you are using a Windows laptop, you will see the same icon appear on the taskbar as when you surf the Ethernet cable.

By the way, this More menu also helps you select a data limit in case you don't want to air your data rate in a jiffy. You can also choose the bandwidth between typical 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This second bandwidth is faster, less congested, and should give you greater connection stability.