Is Sublime Text the best code editor for programming?

Sublime Text is the best code editor to program 2

Sublime Text is a text and code editor that has been created in C ++, although it also uses Python for its plugin system that extends the functionality of the program. This application was born as an extension of Vim, although over time it gradually became differentiated until it acquired its own identity.

Sublime Text is the best code editor for programming

Sublime Text is not an open source project. Fortunately, you can download a free version for continuous use , so you will not need to purchase the commercial version unless you want to use it professionally.

Sublime text has some features that make it a highly regarded code editor . Many users consider it the best program in its class.

Sublime Text is very programmable

Sublime Text is a highly versatile code editor. Users with advanced programming skills will be able to add their own lines of code to the program. This will be very useful to improve its features or add new ones that do not come with the program.

Sublime Text exposes its internals through an Application Programming Interface (API), with which programmers can interact using the Python programming language .

sublime text api

Sublime Text includes a built-in Python interpreter , which is useful for inspecting editor settings and quickly testing API calls while plug-ins are being developed. This interpreter is independent of the Python interpreter of your operating system.

Availability of packages, plugins and other resources

Almost all aspects of Sublime text can be extended or customized . You can modify the behavior of the editor, add macros, expand the menus and much more. You can also create new functions using the editor API to create complex plugins.

sublime text plugins

The configuration files in Sublime Text are text files that predominantly conform to a JSON structure , although you will also find XML files . For more advanced expandability options, Python source files are used.

Sublime Text is compatible with Textmate

sublime text text matte

Sublime Text's compatibility with Textmate packages is complete, excluding commands that are incompatible. Furthermore, Sublime Text requires that all syntax definitions have the extension.tmLanguage , and that all preference files have the extension.tmPreferences. This means that the .plist files will be ignored, even if they are in a Syntax or Preferences subdirectory.

Vi / Vim emulation

sublime text vim

This is useful for old Vim users now using Sublime Text. Vi is an old modal editor that allows the user to perform all operations from the keyboard . Vim is a modern version of vi that is still widely used.

Sublime Text provides vi emulation through the Vintage package. Also evolution of Vintage, called Vintageous , an open source project that offers a better vi / Vim editing experience and is updated more frequently than Vintage.


The Sublime Text code editor has become a fundamental tool in the work of many programmers . This program offers a multitude of possibilities as we have seen, including its plugin system and the option to add new features by modifying the code. Vi emulation is also a very cool thing that not all code editors offer. Added to this is its large community in the official forum.