5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry

Windows 10 is an operating system that saves all the changes that the user makes. all modifications are saved in a file that we know as the Windows registry. This Windows registry can fill with junk files over time, causing its size to grow significantly, and affecting the overall performance of the computer. We present 5 applications with which you can clean the Windows registry , and thus prevent it from filling up with unnecessary files that affect the performance of the computer.

Advanced SystemCare

5 programs to clean the registry of Windows 10 Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a very well developed software that has an easy-to-use interface, which is perfect for all types of users. This application will allow us to clean the Windows Registry very quickly , as well as safely.

It is actually a fairly complete software suite, which includes many additional functions that can help us make our computer work better. Therefore it is an ideal tool for inexperienced users .

Its Registry cleaning tool works with just one click. The application will make a backup copy of the registry of our operating system , in this way we can always restore it to a previous point if a problem arises after use.

Defensebyte Computer Optimizer

5 programs to clean the registry of Windows 10 Defensebyte Computer Optimizer

Defensebye Computer Optmizer is another very comprehensive software suite that includes a lot of cool features for all users. It is a paid application, although it offers a free version so you can try it before going to the checkout.

One of its best tools is the one dedicated to cleaning the Windows Registry. In this case it has also been designed to be very intuitive and easy to use , so you only have to make a clip and the application will start to analyze the contents of your Windows registry. You can also make a backup to avoid any kind of problems

Registry Repair

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry registry Repair

Registry Repair is a small application dedicated to cleaning and repairing the Windows operating system registry . Using the application is as simple as opening it and clicking so that it can analyze our operating system. After that, it will return a result with all the problems it has found, and the option to solve them.

One of the strengths of this application is the large amount of information it offers us about each of the programs that I have found, as well as in a very detailed way. In this way, the user will have it much easier when making the decision of what to do with each of the tickets with problems.

Along with this you can install Glary Utilities that offers a lot of functions.


5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry ccleaner

CCleaner is an application already known to many of our readers. Its main function is to clean junk files on hard drives, although it also offers a very interesting module that will analyze the registry of our Windows operating system with a single click. After that we can make a backup copy and solve all the problems with a simple click.

Wise Registry Cleaner

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry Wise Registry Cleaner 1

Wise Registry Cleaner allows us to schedule scans of the Windows Registry automatically , in this way it will be in charge of finding possible problems without us having to worry. Like all the above it will create backup copies before making any changes, which is perfect to avoid problems. Its interface is very simple and has been designed taking into account less experienced users, which is always a success.

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry Wise Registry Cleaner 2

These are the 5 best programs that we can use to clean the Windows registry, we hope they will be very useful for you. Have you tried any of them? We want to know your opinion