TomTom leaves your old navigators without new maps

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TomTom has confirmed that its older navigators will not be updated to include the new versions of the maps. At a time when  Google Maps and other navigators seem to have completely invaded the market , owners of old TomTom  devices  will have to find new options, keep their navigators with maps that are out of date, or renew their TomTom devices   taking advantage of the replacement discounts that the company will apply to those affected.

TomTom abandons its older browsers

The TomTom company  seems to want to focus on innovation for its new browsers, and with this intention it justifies the abandonment of its older browsers. Those who have these brand devices will no longer receive map updates.

One of the main reasons they contribute to the company is that innovation leads to a constant increase in the size of the files needed for new maps , which makes it unfeasible to install them on older devices, which were not prepared for file weights. current.

Specifically, they mention the example of a map of Europe, which currently weighs around 7GB, but with a size that increases by about 400MB more each quarter.

To deal with this problem, users can download smaller regions instead of the entire map, using the Map Zones feature  . These zones can be easily downloaded when the navigation device is connected to the TomTom HOME software  , and they are a good solution for solving space problems. In addition, it must be taken into account that many of the users of these browsers do not constantly need large areas of available maps at the same time (in case of a long road trip, only several countries could be downloaded and not necessarily the entire European territory ).

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Still, the company fears that even the smallest region maps will be too large for older browsers in the next six months, and has therefore decided to suspend updates. Older navigators have been without upgrade since November 15, 2016 , but  TomTom  has launched a replacement program for those who want to buy a more modern device.

In particular, the latest generation TomTom navigators  that are available on the market promise unlimited free updates to world maps and traffic and speed cameras. The devices have an internal storage capacity of 16 GB, in addition to the possibility of expanding the capacity with an SD memory card .

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Which TomTom navigators have stopped updating?

The TomTom navigation models  affected by this change are the following:

  • TomTom GO 300 (M1), GO 500 (M3), GO 730 (J3), GO 750 (W8), GO 510, GO 710 (V5), GO 520 (M2 / M4), GO 530 (J1 / J3), GO CLASSIC (B1), GO 715 (M7), GO 540 (WT), GO 550 LIVE (W3).
  • TomTom ONE 1st Edition (G1 / G2), ONE 2nd Edition (E1 / Z1 / Z2 / Z3), ONE 3rd Edition (Y1 / Y3 / Y5 / Y8), ONE 125 (PA / PE / PH / PN / PV / PP ) .
  • TomTom START (XA / XC), XL 30 Series (RH / RO / RQ), XL IQ Routes / XL Classic (GG), ONE XL (L2 / L3 / L4 / L7 / L9), ONE XL HD TRAFFIC (F3) .