Error code Spotify: how to fix Spotify error codes


Spotify, as a cross-platform application, is not without its errors. The program in question has a system that throws an error code (Error code in English) when there is a problem with the platform. Most of these errors tend to be related to our team. Many others the problem comes directly from the Spotify servers. This time we have compiled a list with all the Spotify error codes to solve them .

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Internal exception error: solution

Corrupt installation of Spotify. We will have to completely uninstall Spotify from the system and download the latest version to install the program in the cleanest way possible. We can use the offline installer to make sure the installation is successful.

  • Download full installer

Error code 0 on Spotify: solution

It usually comes from a connection problem with the Spotify servers. There is usually a solution by reinstalling the program on Windows and Mac , although from we recommend following the @SpotifyStatus account on Twitter to know the status of the service.

Error code 2 auth on Spotify: solution

It is usually related to the login to the application. It is recommended to change the password or reset it through the Spotify website to solve the error. It is also solved by using an email address instead of the username to access the application or vice versa.

Error code 3 auth on Spotify: solution

Very similar error to the previous one. It usually has a solution using an email address to access or vice versa .

Error Code 4 on Spotify: Solution

Network error or very low signal. It is recommended to switch to a stronger network or restart the router to fix connection errors. We can also try to connect to the 2.4 GHz network or to the 5 GHz network in case of being connected to the 2.4 GHz network.

Error code -7 on Spotify: solution

The Windows or Mac firewall is blocking incoming connections. It is usually solved by granting the permissions to the Spotify application in the corresponding Security and privacy section. To delete the cache on Mac we can use the following command in the system Terminal:

  • sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

If we want to reset the DNS addresses of Spotify in Windows we will have to go to the following address:

  • C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc

Inside the etc folder we will open the host file and delete the line of code that mentions the address .

Error Code 8 on Spotify: Solution

Problems arising from the browser cache and registered DNS addresses. It is solved by eliminating the cache of the main browser and deleting the DNS addresses registered in Windows and Mac through the Networks and connections section.

Error code 15 auth: solution

The problem is derived from the Mac and Windows firewall. It can also be derived from an antivirus installed on the computer or from Windows Defender, the native antivirus for Windows 7, 8 and 10. In both cases we will have to deactivate the protection in the cloud and the real-time protection.

Error code 17 on Spotify: solution

Same problem as -7 error. Clearing the DNS addresses of the system and the browser cache usually has a solution.

Error Code 24 on Spotify: Solution

It usually occurs when Spotify is updated or when installed through the application's web installer. It has a solution by resorting to the Spotify offline installer , which we can download through the following link:

  • Download full installer

Error code 30 on Spotify: solution

Same error as -7 error. Deleting the DNS addresses at the same time as the browser cache is fixed.

Error code 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 and 57 on Spotify: solution

All errors preceded by a 5 are usually related to the Spotify downloader or a program update in Windows. Again, the solution is to download the full version of the application through the offline installer.

  • Download full installer

Error code 101 to 126: solution

All errors between 101 and 126 are usually caused by permissions from the Windows and Mac firewalls. There is a solution by adding the Spotify application to the list of trusted devices in the system in the Security and privacy section.

Error code 406, 407, 408 and 409: solution

It usually arises when we access Spotify from a country other than the country selected in the Spotify registry. The solution is to change the country of origin on the Spotify website for the country from which we access the application.

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It can also appear when a third-party application that requires access to Spotify makes use of a feature present only in Spotify Premium. Changing our subscription to the paid version of Spotify solves it.

Error Code 410 on Spotify: Solution

This is an internal Spotify problem that often prevents access from a registered account. Some users have reported that there is a solution by changing the password several times in a row or by accessing from a Facebook profile.

If we have Spotify Premium, the problem may be derived from the monthly fee payments . The solution is to change the payment method or update the method entered (credit card, PayPal account, bank account ...).

Error Code 603 on Spotify: Solution

It is usually related to the Spotify family subscription when accessing through one of the registered accounts. The platform itself recommends contacting customer service directly to solve the error. We can do it through the following link:

  • Spotify Support Center