Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V, controller to DJ from your computer

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V, controller to DJ from your computer 1

The most prestigious DJs in the world have surrendered to the magic of computers . Not only do they store their songs in them, they play them back and mix them with special programs . The downside is that they are handled with the mouse , and many professionals prefer to touch something physical when mixing. Hence the importance of drivers as the DDJ-ERGO-V of Pioneer . It is not an original product. In the market there are already a handful of controllers created by other manufacturers that in their day were ahead, but this one in particular has more functions and is muchbetter built . Of course it is much more expensive .

Those of Pioneer have tried to create an aesthetic similar to that of their consoles for CDs , probably the best in the world. This control console looks a lot alike, with its sliders and two large wheels created for panning songs, but also for scratching and triggering samples . The entire surface of the equipment is littered with power strips, assignable buttons and push buttons . It also has sliders to regulate the volume and to change from one song to another. It does not lack a horizontal for fading or mixing.

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V, controller to DJ from your computer 2

But of course, he is a mere controller , who needs to have something behind him. Here is the software Virtual DJ Limited Edition of Atomix , which comes standard with this portable controller. Returning back to the console, you have shortcuts with control for four decks , that is, four songs. It also lets you assign filters and special effects , and has memory banks for smart loops and samples. It has high-quality circuitry, connection for headphones and for a microphone , USB port and a MIDI port. Let's not fool ourselves. It is a team that costs practically 500 euros . That is why it should not be surprising that it offers more functions than others that can be found in computer stores.

It allows instant access to eight samples , and is also a good aid when it comes to sounding videos . Helps create automatic rhythm patterns and displays highly detailed wave patterns . It must be recognized that the handling is very intuitive. To avoid those accidents that usually happen at parties, when there is little light, it has a Pulse Control function that shows through lights which functions are activated, how synchronized the mix is, and the track that is currently playing . To be a product for amateurs, it is very complete. It even has a cabin inBottom where to insert the laptop so that the screen is fully visible.