+40 funny messages and phrases for Father's Day

father's day phrases 2020 funny short

Father's Day is coming. Tomorrow this Christian tradition dating back several hundred years will be celebrated in Spain and much of the world. As we usually do every year, we have compiled some of the best congratulations for this special day. This time we have collected some funny and short phrases for Father's Day to share through WhatsApp  or any other social network. Just a note: we are not responsible for the content of the congratulations.

Short phrases for Father's Day funny and short

Are you looking for a short message in the form of congratulations to give some humor to this important day? Take a look at these short and funny phrases to share with our old people.

  • Thanks dad for teaching me more than Google.
  • Being a father has to be a very simple task with a son like me, don't lie.
  • Dear Dad, our relationship means a lot to my psychologist.
  • I have childhood memories of seeing you as a giant. Today that I am an adult ... I see you even bigger (and fatter).
  • Thank you dad for not telling me how to live, because what an example.
  • Congratulations dad, next year you will have to congratulate me. Guess why.
  • Happy Father's Day! Thanks for giving me the worst of you, alopecia.
  • Every time I needed you, you were there, except when I wanted to buy a motorcycle. Happy day Dad!
  • Some people never grow up. You're one of them. Ask mom if you don't believe me.
  • If Father's Day were every day of the year, I would have to multiply what I have spent on you today by 365. 365 x 0 = 0 euros.
  • You don't have to tell me that I am your favorite son. You are also my favorite father.
  • I hope your wallet is as open as your heart, Dad. Congratulations!
  • Even though we're all supposed to have the same genes, you still look great, dad. Happy birthday to a handsome man!
  • I know you are worried about gray hair. Forget it, in a few years you may already have no hair. Happy Father's Day!
  • I could never find a gift that measures the love you've showered me in. But if you give me a Ferrari I'm not going to say no.
  • Your soul is pure, your heart is priceless and your wisdom is ... Happy day, Dad!
  • Growing up, you taught me to laugh. Now it's you who have no teeth.

Funny phrases to congratulate Father's Day 2020

Have they not been enough? Do you prefer a more personal greeting? Or do you want to add a touch of black humor to your congratulations? Here are more phrases for Father's Day. Many more! For new parents, for older parents ...

  • Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, but mine came with a slightly screwed-up father.
  • Today I just want to tell you, old man of the soul, that you are the being that I respect and admire the most after the Internet.
  • A dad is a son who looks tough and prickly on the outside but is pure and sweet on the inside. Can you give me the weekly pay?
  • Did you think we were not going to remember our favorite curmudgeon? Happy Father's Day.
  • What greater adornment can there be for a son than the glory of a father? The glory of two fathers!
  • Happy Father's Day to the coolest of all, after Darth Vader, of course.
  • A father is not the one who gives life, otherwise my father would be the plumber.
  • I know I wasn't always the perfect son, but you haven't been the perfect father either. Congratulations!
  • If it weren't for you and Google Maps, I don't know where I'd be right now, Dad.
  • Happy Father's Day! Not everyone can boast of having a child like me.
  • They say that wisdom comes with age. Today, you must be the wisest man I know. Happy day Dad!
  • Love and laughter are two of the best things you have given me, Dad. Well, also another thing that I can't tell you.
  • I am lucky that they gave me the best father in the world… And also the MEC scholarship, why are we fooling ourselves.
  • Growing up, you taught me to laugh. You could have already taught me to be rich.

The funniest phrases of Father's Day to congratulate on WhatsApp

We're going with the heavy artillery and an even bigger dash of black humor. No one ever said that messages to congratulate our parents should be pretty. Or if? Well, it doesn't matter.

  • I hope your day goes very well, dad. I can't wish you the best because the day you had me as your son has already passed. Acknowledge it!
  • You taught me to ride a bike, you helped me with my homework and you even healed my wounds ... You don't want to pay me for the car bills too, right? Well, I'll settle for you to keep giving me your unconditional love. But don't forget about the car lettering.
  • I wanted to write you a poem for Father's Day. Unfortunately I have not found a word that matches elder. Congratulations!
  • Dear dad, I was going to buy something amazing for your birthday but I don't have enough money. For your birthday I am going to give you a suggestion: raise my pay.
  • Mom just informed me that even though you are getting old, you are not getting wiser at all. You're welcome for revealing this secret to you.
  • Do you know how many people celebrate Father's Day today? You have to be flattered to find that I chose your party over everyone else's.
  • On this special day, I don't want to congratulate you. I want to congratulate myself for having been lucky enough to have a father like you. Just kidding! Congratulations!
  • What great wealth it is, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father! But a little money wouldn't hurt either, why are we going to fool ourselves.
  • I almost forgot the most important greeting on Father's Day. Can someone give me the plumber's phone number to tell him how much I love him?
  • Dear Dad, I wish nothing more than a life full of smiles for you on your birthday ... As long as you have teeth.
  • ! ápap, erdaP led aíD zileF! If you want to decipher the message you will have to put your neurons to the test. And do not complain that it is very easy.
  • On this day I wanted to ask you for something very special. No, it's not money ... Well, yes, give me 20 euros and I'll buy you lunch.