How to watch Movistar TV on a PC

How to watch Movistar TV on a PC

If you are a Movistar customer, many times you may have wanted to watch your television, comfortably, from your laptop. For example, when you are traveling. But you don't know how to do it and in the end you have to put up with what they put on the generalist television, in your hotel room. Why pay for a service that, in the end, you are not using? That is why we are going to teach you how to watch your Movistar + television from your PC or laptop.

It is evident that, first of all, you must have contracted Movistar TV to be able to enjoy its contents. On their website you can see which offer suits you best: you have a TV for you if you are a sports fan. Or if, on the contrary, you are more of series. Simply configure your package and then go back to your tutorial. It is very simple and easy to follow.

How to watch Movistar TV on a computer?

First, we have to go to the page from which we will access the Movistar TV. We will simply click on this link and directly enter it. If you have not yet obtained the keys to enter the Movistar TV from your PC, we will have to request them from the 'Identify yourself' section, which you can find in the upper right part of the screen. It is very simple:

How to watch Movistar TV activate passwords movistar tv

  • If you do not know the username or password, simply click, in the pop-up window that you can see in the screenshot, 'Activate your keys'.
  • It is the owner of the Movistar line who will receive, in his email, the keys necessary to connect to Movistar TV . When the owner of the line has received the email with the keys, they must notify the rest of the family so that they can use the service. A good way for the whole family to know what they are is to place a post-it on the router so that everyone can easily access Movistar TV.
  • Movistar TV allows up to 4 simultaneous screens, that is, 4 members of the same family can watch, at the same time, Ovistar's TV from different media. Specifically, we can have simultaneously 3 screens inside the house and 1 screen outside.
  • Convergent packages usually include more than one user, each with its corresponding email. But only one is the owner of the line . And even if you are five in the family, all of you must put the same passwords and the same password.
  • Make a note of the password you have chosen for the account as you will have to enter it every time you want to watch TV from your PC. In addition, this password will also be used to watch Movistar TV from your mobile, with the corresponding application.

Well, we assume that we have already entered Movistar TV. Surely the first thing you want to do is put on a movie. But there is still another step to take to be able to see the content of Movistar TV. This is what you should do now:

Press play on any content. A screen will appear informing you that you need a 'plugin' to view it. And a button to install said plugin. You just have to press that button and let the computer do the rest. If you have any problems, choose to install the extension yourself by going directly to this link.

plugin silverlight movistar tv

One of the drawbacks of this service has to do, precisely, with this extension: we can only watch Movistar TV from a Chrome browser , since the extension we use is specific to Google Chrome. This extension is called 'Silverlight' and, as we have said previously, we can choose an automatic installation or go and download it directly from the Google Chrome extensions page.

What can I find on the Movistar TV page?

The Movistar TV page is organized in a quite practical and simple way. In the first place, we have the section on TV channels . Here we can choose which channel we want to see, live, of all those that we have contracted.

movistar tv channels

We can also access, from this same place, a complete TV guide . In the following screenshot we can see what this TV guide is like, which serves as a practical magazine to know everything that they put on television.

movistar tv guide

From this guide, we can add content to favorites, in addition to revealing complete information about the program in question. This information refers to the age rating, if you have subtitles, as well as a technical and artistic file and the complete synopsis.

information content movistar tv

Next, we have all the content on demand that we enjoy with our Movistar account. Cinema, Series, Sports, Children, in addition to documentaries, music programs, as well as personalized lists that Movistar offers you according to your tastes and other criteria of its own. To view any content on demand, you must select what type of program you want to watch, for example, cinema. Next, click on the movie you want to see and, if you have contracted the channel, you can click on 'Watch now'. A pop-up window will open where you can select the subtitles or watch the dubbed movie.

movistar tv catalog

In the upper right, we have the My TV section that consists of:

  • I am seeing: all the content that you have started to see but, due to circumstances, you have not finished. You can delete unwanted content from this same screen.
  • For me: Movistar knows you, according to what you have been seeing on its channels, and offers you a series of personalized content that you may like.
  • Favorites: all the content that you have added to the favorites list will be included in this section. The list is synchronized both in the phone application and in the Movistar TV menu itself. In this list, you can also delete all the content that you no longer want to have in favorites.

list continue watching movistar tv

The Movistar TV page has a complete search engine where we can see if it has our favorite program. On the main page, right at the top, we find the search box. We can search by the term we want, not just by actress or title. If we like horror movies we can put 'Terror'. We can then further filter the search, by 'Type', 'Genre' or 'Channel'.

search terror movistar tv

Remind you that you have a 'Customer Area' just in the upper right part of the screen. In this section you can modify personal data and manage the different devices that we have connected to Movistar TV.

Device management