Five viral Facebook videos that will make you laugh out loud

Viral Facebook

On Facebook we watch news, we comment on the snapshots of our friends, but… what is it that we really love? Watch viral videos! If you are one of those who, like us, work in the middle of August, today we want to provide you with a good dose of laughter to help you start your day right. Around here we have broken the box, so ... we are going to share with you a little good humor  (and seen on Facebook ). Prepared? Well let's go!

Never underestimate the power of a basketball. Whether or not you're good at shooting 3s, things can always go wrong. And if not look at this poor boy, whose blind confidence in his own abilities has ended up being expensive . Who was going to tell him that this ball would have a life of its own and after he missed the shot, it would shoot into his face?

We have no doubt. Apes are much smarter than humans in many things. This boy challenges a small orangutan from the zoo to throw an object at him . The primate has no choice but to bow to the guy's game, but you only have to see his face and the sufficiency with which he recovers and throws. Not a hair has moved. It is clear that these humans are crazy ...

And we continue with a warning that this summer you cannot ignore. In this heat, who doesn't enjoy walking around the house with bare feet ? Well, everyone. But, who has not happened what is seen in this video? Be very careful, feet of the world and especially little fingers, with the little corners: doors, beds, sofas and other treacherous furniture. Put on some flip-flops at least!

If this Pit Bull were to star in a movie, it would probably have to be titled Not Without My Skate . We all know that over time, dogs and owners end up looking alike. Well, in this case, the popular belief is evidenced, because this dog (like its owner) cannot live without his skateboard . See how attached he clings to the skateboard: as if his life depended on it. Faced with the resignation of its owner, the Pit Bull returns home mounted on his skateboard like someone who does not want the thing and advancing at a firm step.

And we leave for the last one of those videos that we could classify within one of those groups "Ladies that ...". The stamp has no waste. A middle-aged woman climbs on one of these gym machines to exercise . The lady tries to give everything she can of herself, but the truth is that those kinds of pedals don't leave room for stability. Logically, the scene could not end any other way: on the ground. Clearly the gym machines are loaded by the devil. Stay away from them.

And you, do you also work in August? Look at it on the bright side: nothing that happens in these videos will happen to you. In case the flies, we recommend you keep your ass glued to the chair and share these videos right now. Have a great day!